The whole truth about the identity of Culture Mursi Tribe

Head of a woman from the tribe Mursi resembles a medieval castle. Roth - as if the gates with a palisade of teeth, a folding bridge of the lower lip, wary at the input language and the numerous services Gate. Eye-slits seem to look very unkindly.

Mursi man and without additional fortification warrior to the bone, without the machine it is not from the yard and Essential step, vain, that the clock is under the influence of psychotropic drugs.

Mursi worship the demon of death, which, in their opinion, is enclosed in each of them. Neighbors say their most bloodthirsty and ruthless killers in all of Africa. However, they did not know this - someone in our world will be surprised cruel? - And lower lips of their women

. Chaste Europeans once agreed to assume that such an amazing operation on a mursianki do for beauty. "Savages, with". Stretch as they say, the ears, so why not stretch lips?

In fact, the ears do not count. Ear shells are placed on each side of the head just to spice up a boring roundness neck. Besides beauty, earlobes are of no use. Another thing - the functional part of the body. For example, fingers. Maybe they would be, and it is easy to bend a few precise strokes more intricately and gracefully, do not so monotonous, straight, but then they would be awkward to use at home and on the hunt. The same situation is with the lips, which are necessary for such an important life procedures such as meal.

When the conversion is subject to the functional part of the body, to compensate for a substantial stimulus is needed, some dividends, tangible practical benefits. Change facial muscle structure - life itself cause great inconvenience. So why do it?

The answer is that the manufacture of this structure - part of the mating ritual mursiytsev


When a girl reaches maturity, she pierced his lower lip and insert into the hole a little twig. twig then changed to the plug, and so on - the manufacture of "tunnels" technology known to us. When it comes to the turn of the labial disc, beauty remove the four lower front teeth.

Particularly sterile environment and antiseptic agents in Mursi not, but they do not need this. They have a child strongest immunity against any infection. Bumps on the skin - it healed the larvae of various insects. They gradually, one by one, introducing under the skin, they are there for some time, live and develop as the body mursiytsa in a fierce struggle does not seal them forever. This Murcian mantle. Each rib - underdog tropical disease. The pattern of these scars - a certificate of the courses of vaccinations and a diploma of primary school survival, giving a ticket to adulthood - in other words, the direction of the piercing


When the lip cracks, breaks and bleeds, it is coated with special healing potion. In place of the gap grow new, stronger muscle fibers and connective tissue.

Pirsingovanie in Mursi - is voluntary. No Woman no captivity. How to feel like an adult - welcome to the piercing procedure. If not pierced lip - then married early. Such is the simple logic, according to which one can live to old age without a hole in the lip, without a family, prosperity, and respect for others. Here is a cute young lady is not decided on the marriage. And her expression tells us that the life she had no sugar.

The woman decides for itself when it is sufficiently prepared for family life. The fact of piercing the lips it declares its willingness to participate in the quotations on the exchange of brides. The most resistant to train champion volumes muscular ring, pushing up its value to the skies.

It is important not to overdo it, because you can get into the market segment where only the wealthiest operate Murcian warriors and thus too narrow circle of buyers.

In warrior Mursi lip not fool anybody, he will not take a wife - laughed at my own countrymen. Soldier is necessary to choose such an important purchase, as a wife, meticulously.

Why would he defective wife, tune? What to do with it, then?

And that, in fact, to do with the tuned? The basic options are clear and without prompting, and ingenious ways to bring the lips mursianki in working condition by putting it on a variety of items, and other options for winding the traditional kung fu will not be considered. Someday mastered diploma descendants present themselves Mursi enrich humanity legends about the art of their ancestors. However, by the time the bearers of true craftsmanship no longer remain. And, unfortunately, the view of the entire breadth of the spectrum of possible manipulation of these elastic devaysom and disappear for incurious mankind.

But, I suppose, there are people who care, who do not disdain a penny from the treasury of the world traditional culture. Masculine look this man does not give in to doubt that the proud banner of the tribe Mursi, if necessary, will be picked up from the weakening hands.

However, mayonnaise lid to the lip of the dzhenlmena looks comical in comparison with solid jug lids Mursi women. Genetics clearly pumped up. For brides market it would buy only the poorest of Murcia disabled. Size for Mursi is set, and the bride's value is determined based on the length of the lower lip, its thickness, density and mobility.

But even the most prominent lip itself does not make its possessor a woman of exceptional merit. Because the wife of a class "lux" - is in a stretched both lips. On a trick rarely dare to even the most inveterate fashionista Murcian - because how then to eat

? As soon as the woman Mursi close to perfection, they lose all ability of speech, facial expressions, and any considerations. That, in other, they are not required - for them not to appreciate this. They cope well with the economy.

Mursianki rarely smile. Smile - mimic the action that draws the lower lip to the face and reduces it visually disappears from which all the glamor


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Murcian women - a subject of pride of their husbands. A good wife is a great value for a warrior. The size of the lip plates wife immediately possible to determine how respectable man. And it is obvious that there are men among the incredible steepness mursiantsev.

A good wife is worth 10 cows, and wives of wealthy people may be a dozen. Each of them mursiets builds a separate hut and live with them in turn. All women's council of the tribe is aware of the recent domestic political developments - who moved to whom, what the young lady put his lip twig and is preparing to participate in the competition, and what a married matron took the disc, being dissatisfied with the terms of the content or characters come together with her husband
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Married mursiyka never leaves the house without labial disc. The disc shows that a woman is busy, and just need to keep in shape. Free Mursi woman can go without it. In this regard, there are many ways to apply around the sign "Free cash". removable disk Often people say that at the moment the movable property - Murcian wife - put up for auction and can outbid


Fans of extreme adventure may wonder - is it possible to go to mursianam visit? Is it possible to enter into close contact with this ancient culture? It's not so simple, because it is the death of the soldiers, not to be trifled with them. They murder is part of a national ritual, and for each dead they get the right cut on his arm a little shevronchik. According to the regulations of military fashion mursian when arms have no place shevronchiki cut on his chest, then on his stomach, and then on the hips. Before the rest of the surface of the body at a rate usually does not reach the fighting, because sooner or later the militant mursianets puts in action a violent head.

But we have people who are chevrons can chop up to the heels. Maybe they can somehow agree among themselves. Well, yes, there are people who know how to make friends. It is said that hot mursiyki just melt from friendly when they were touched by the brave Russian tourist.

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