I tried to convey to you that you are nothing

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-Napishi Something
 - Well, I'll write
? I wish that someone had found a wife
 - Why do you want for someone incomprehensible gift of fate
? -I Love when someone believes in what you do not believe you
 - Hmm. You're some sort of oddity
Yes, I'm so, I'm sorry
 - You're sorry
-Yes. It does not excuse you
You kidding? No, and you?
 - no. It's just a word
-Then I scoff. Understand personal integrity need
 - Are you talking about
? -I Of the sea, that the waves throws you
 - Are you talking about me
? -You Did not shore that lies at the top and in the back?
 - I'm the sand under the scorching sun and wind
-I You overestimated. Beach - this is something with meaning, just ashes and sand
 - I take offense at you
-Is It was for that?
 - You called me boring
-Not at all. I tried to convey to you that you are nothing

 - Is nothing can what can I
? -Nichto Can not do anything and everything
Ps: love


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