Review of Trade12, or how I started working in the foreign exchange market

Review of Trade12: my experience of cooperation with how to trade training and possible adverse cons Трейд12


Here I am in trader has become! I would like to share their feelings on this and write a review about Trade12 broker with which to work. Until recently, foreign exchange and stock markets I knew no more than on the structure of the synchrotron, but the situation on the labour market began to take shape not too good, so I had to quickly find a way to make extra money. To open a business – not too much for me: taxes, bills, the need to keep the books! And if the business will work, and if not? In short, not an option. Thought about earnings in the foreign exchange market is in my head then stuck.
Broker Trade12 — reviews of people and own thoughts
In General, read the reviews Trade12, have been through the world wide web in the last week, in a situation more or less was clear – to buy any currency when it is cheap, sell when expensive, everything is clear and simple. Actually not so simple – a lot of people in the markets are losing money until the end of his days then I think that this is blasphemy. Yes, Yes, blasphemy! Just before to climb, you need to prepare properly. Both theoretically and practically. And not one month to devote but a few. Below Ichimoku indicator from the stochastic oscillator at least to distinguish.
In theory, I figured in a month, it's time for practice – it needed broker with demo account to be able to "drive" the virtual sum and the theory of their practice to freeze. Found this – Трейд12. The reviews I read seems positive, I need demo account is also present.
Practice I was doing a month – like everything turns out, and then again, and not. Diary kept – there was recording every trade which asset, when went to the market when they came out. In General, the beginning seems to consistently happen. Then I had to sit down and write a list of what I can lose, and that can gain from cooperation with Trade12. Came out I did the following:
Cons in case of failure of this enterprise:
  • can lose some money;
  • can lose time.
Advantages from cooperation with the Trade 12:
  • can gain financial independence in any condition;
  • can plan your day any way you want;
  • not to be superiors;
  • high returns in a short time.
The last point was crucial, and the next day I made the Deposit on Well, what will have to face, I already knew, so that day to trade it was the excitement of the first day can be devastating. Actually as it turned out, trading is more psychology than any special trade system and strategy. You can give a person a profitable author's TS, and he flips through a couple of days, and the other strategy to use and not too chic, and knowledge in the head was not a car, and makes profitable trades on the market and lasts a long time. Risk management again, it is necessary to observe – there are different situations in the market. Due to the fact that I training time fair – everyone knew it and the idea. Again, broker a good European. So Трейд12 went quickly and very effectively.
A final word on Трейд12
In General, for a month as I work my old is gone. He combined first with trading, just in case – suddenly will not work, and then the meaning of it is gone. Working most often with the currency trading practice intraday. Трейд12 I have never failed – withdraw money regularly and without delays, the analyst gives, related economic news, conditions do not change. Review of Trade12, I have a positive because you now have financial independence and time, the brass is missing all it's what you strive for! You wish, and I will be glad if was helpful.
Sincerely, Dmitry Shepetkov


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