20 photos, which surprisingly well caught moment

Life is so fleeting, that we often do not notice how the our day or even a year. But every second of the time there is something amazing! And it is worth just for a moment to stand still as now you witness something amazing Website publish photos, each of which -. Frame per million

We again slept

you think I'm afraid of you?

This gusar

So we vstretilis

< br> Well, to measure the length?

I also think that it is our obmanyvaet

I look like a Pegasus? 5,542,532

all-all! You're caught! me

Before and posle

I tasteless! 2,368,331

Under dozhdem

amazing metamorphosis in prirode

Plastic koshki

I promised you samolet

Flying pohodkoy

Sinister pohischenie

top view luchshe

< br> Hallelujah

I know you!

Village romantika

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