10 books to read with bated breath

Sometimes you want to escape from everyday worries, to get more cozy and plunge into some fascinating story written. To the rest of the world waited while you enjoy a good style and emotional content subjects.

< Website to find you 10 books, which are able to grab your attention.

Cheryl Strijdom - "Wild. Dangerous journey "full of dangerous adventures allowed Cheryl to radically change your life, find peace of mind and harmony. Frank and emotional story of a woman, overcame himself inspired to restore order in their own lives.

Eleanor Catton - "light" Bright and fascinating novel got the Booker Prize in 2013. For the first time in a Russian translation.
12 characters are found in the old hotel to discuss a number of mysterious incidents. In the novel, there is everything from shipwrecks and smuggling of gold to blackmail and unrequited love.

Nathaniel Philbrick - "In the Heart of the Sea" A book about the courage and fearlessness that can stand on a par with the history of "Titanic." Author c first lines makes the reader part of the "Essex" the ship's crew, and we go along with the characters through all their adventures.

Blake Crouch - "Pines. City to Nowhere "Secret Service agent after the accident, wakes up in a small town hospital and realizes that he remembered nothing. He tries to contact the local authorities to find out everything, but it had not come out. Then he tries to leave the city, but the road from zaplutali Pines lead back. The book is surprised unexpected ending.

Charles Dickens - "Bleak House," One of the most fascinating novels of the author. Grand Wizard of intrigue, Dickens saturated the secrets of this work and intricate plot moves. The life story of the orphan Esther Summerson is intertwined with the criminal investigation into the exciting line, which leads perceptive inspector of Scotland Yard.

Donna Tartt - "Goldfinch" The book has received many honors and awards for excellence in literature.
Waking up after the explosion at the museum, the hero receives from a dying old man's ring and a rare painting to rule them out of the museum. This painting will be stolen and the curse that will drag it to the bottom, and the straw that will help him get to the light.

Gillian Flynn - "Vanished" Everything was ready for the celebration of the fifth anniversary, when suddenly inexplicably lost one of heroes of the occasion. There were signs of a struggle in the house and a chain of "keys" in the game of "treasure hunt." They provide the only chance to shed light on the fate of the disappeared.

Paul Hawkins - "The Girl in the Train" Jess and Jason. Such names gave Rachel "impeccable" spouses for life that she watches every day of the train window. But one day, passing by, she sees in their backyard is something strange, mysterious and shocking. That was enough to the ideal picture of the family disappeared forever.

Patrick Zyuzkind - "Dove" In this book, the writer shows how one very small event can change a seemingly pre-prescribed life story. The bird that had entered into the hall, completely breaks the rhythm. And the hero captures the most acute feelings that we usually try to drown out the daily chores.

Diane Setterfield - "The 13th Tale" are considered masterpieces of modern English prose
. The heroine works in a second-hand shop of his father, and suddenly gets an offer of writing a biography of a famous writer. Within the walls of an old mansion mysterious story unfolds twin sisters and the mystery of "The Thirteenth Tale."

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