25 cynical facts about our lives by Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski was one of those people that always do not fit into the framework of: too much drinking, too much swearing and had a very extraordinary outlook on life. Website publishes a compilation of sayings of this talented writer and most intelligent person.

About Life h2>

Just to live until you die, -. Already hard work I do not believe you can change the world the better. I believe that it is possible to try to not make it worse. When you're drunk, the world is still somewhere near, but at least he does not hold the you by the throat. To start save the world, we need to save each person individually, one by one; save all - this romanticism or politics

About women h2>

All women are different. Mostly they seem to blend the best and worst - and the magic, and terrible. However, I am glad that they exist While the men watching professional football or drink beer, or run hither and on the bowling alley, they are women they think about us, concentrate, learn, decide:. To take us, throw, trade, kill or simply give up. How can I trust the creature that monthly bleeding and dying?!

About the talent and writing h2 >

writers - a desperate people, and when they have a hope, they cease to be writers The 25 genius can be any.. At 50 this is something to be done. Ambition rarely helps talent. Another thing - good luck. Talent is always lagging behind her Intellectual says a simple thing complicated -. The artist describes a complicated thing simple words

About the people h2>

Some people are not able to go crazy -. They terribly boring life Show me a lonely man who lived alone, contains in the order of the kitchen and I in 8 cases out of 9 prove that he has a disgusting character of course, a person can love -.. if you know its not too close potential guys are means. We need to do Almost any baby more potential than me at If you happen to deceive man, it does not mean that he is a fool, -.. This means that you trust more than you deserve Beauty -. nothing. You yourself do not know how lucky you are that you are ugly, because if people like you, then you know that it is different To see the screen shit has become so commonplace that people ceased to be aware of what one looks shit. What neither let the human race, it is all scratched, cut to pieces and obosret.

About Love h2>

Love - this is for guitarists, Catholics and chess maniacs. Sex - a great thing only when nothing else to do.

About h2>

Loneliness strengthens me; I miss it without food and water. Every day, it weakens me without him. I'm not proud of my loneliness, but I depend on it. I know only too well its drawbacks, requiring mutual love. I am married, but without his wife. My wife - my own life I usually bad, but when I'm good, I'm good devilishly
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