Literary "shorts" from the classics

Put aside the multi-stories and discover the fictional "shorts" of the classics. editors compiled a list of the ten stories that will add to the cultural baggage of several good balls.

1. Charles Bukowski, "The Most Beautiful Woman in Town»
Art triad Bukowski - sex, profanity and alcohol. If the enemy of poetry - vulgarity, then "dirty realist 'in its own way makes its way to the" beautiful ". Vulgarity is determined either from Bukowski so much through the anatomy of human relations as through death. Yes, dying even the most beautiful women in the city, without knowing what it really is beauty.

2. Leonid Andreyev "Abyss»
Two lovers strolling through the woods, the three encounter aggressive and bored arharovtsev (formerly called these types of tramps). Next Spoil no sense: a whirlwind criminal ends, and in the final - a catharsis "in reverse", provoked a scandal. In response to public outcry author promised to write "Antibezdnu", which he never did. And it is understandable: no matter how much you cry for a lost humanity, but unless someone can revive it ... And the word - even more so.

3. Ray Bradbury's "The Death of a cautious person»
The protagonist has excluded from its habitat all sharp objects, even shaking hands - because of too "sharp" manicure interlocutor.
Instead of a typical well-green country near Bradbury - industrial hole, which, like a centrifuge, a man commits a hundred deaths every second turns, unaware of what will be the last of them, and when, finally, the drum stops.

4. Stephen King "The Colorado Kid»
Do not expect the "king of horror" big fish in a convoluted plot with the "skeletons in the closet" as just pull tin can. King left the reader with nothing, and consciously chose to remain silent about the reasons for the strange death of a "child" of Colorado. But do not blame the author's honesty in the story, in the end redeems lack full isolation. And behind the scenes of the writer's craft, you will learn much more than from his mystical everyday stories.

5. Daniil Kharms "Father and Daughter»
Literary provocateur cultured poetics of absurdity, is known for his anecdotal stories that area may not exceed one page.
"Ah! Write to another, but ink had disappeared, "- says Harms and ends the story in three paragraphs.

In short, how to teach and Harms, "Father and Daughter" - a clinical history of a father and daughter took turns burying each other. It sounds ridiculous ?! Yes, and the author of this sought.

6. Maupassant "Odyssey prostitutes»
In "Odyssey prostitute" didactics is completely absent as the story intrigue. The latter is not so important: the ideal narrator draws Maupassant real people who do not fit into any literary circuit. It is - and has mopassanovskaya ingenuity, which paragraph is the story and the word - of a lifetime.

7. Edgar Allan Poe "William Wilson»
Edgar Allan Poe Lord sent madness, and he prudently made it his muse.

The prestigious English boarding house inhabited by two people with Odinokova name - William Wilson. One of the "William" - a sadist, the other - a humanist. In order to understand which of them are actually real, one will have to die. And the main thing in this drama - not the circumstances of death: we in good and evil - the two sides of the same coin and must also manage to expand its "right" side.

8. Ivan Bunin "looped ears»
There are stories that are read up to the end, will certainly have to go back to the beginning. "Looped ears" - in this series. When you read, it seems that this is very personal, almost intimate topic for Bunin.

The protagonist makes a farce of "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky described, and even encroaches on the Bible.

If it is - an unspoken duel of two geniuses, then Bunin wrote his version of the "crime" - without penalty. And this version has grown to an alarming thriller with an open ending ...

9. Charlotte Gilman "Yellow Wallpaper»
American Story of Charlotte Gilman has long banished to the "tsenitelm incoherent oblivion."
The family rents a family estate, which has a bedroom with yellow wallpaper. It is impossible to say exactly why the main character, they get so excited and scared at the same time, but the room, to how to "get acquainted" with the wallpaper, she refused to go ...
The narrative is so viscous that involuntarily start to stare at wallpaper pattern private room - the main thing to read long before midnight, otherwise the "Diamonds" and "flowers" definitely jumped in front of his eyes.

10. Sergei Dovlatov "Interview»
Journalists are particularly fond of fantasizing about how they could walk the taverns with Hemingway and drink brotherhood with Fitzgerald, and then write about their intellectual adventures. And in those assets Dovlatov - boundless steppe.
Dovlatovskogo main character of the story, the journalist, the editors Requests to interview a communist. A conversation between two people who have different views on life, the whole plot of the story is: the awkward pauses and the relief sharpness - Dovlatov here in all his literary greatness.


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