20 photos, which is something very strange

The site publishes a selection of photos, which is not what you thought. Look closely!

1. Who is who holds? H3>

2. How her feet? H3>

3. What is going on here? H3>

4. This is what it looks like?! H3>

5. She has three legs, or what? H3>

6. How do people on this photo? H3>

7. Who goes to someone? H3>

8. Where whose body? H3>

9. This photoshop or something? H3>

10. It is a nudist beach? .. H3>

11. Wait, where's this guy's body? H3>

12. What are her legs! H3>

13. Hey, whose hand? H3>

14. Dad painted the picture? H3>

15. The oldest child in the world h3>

16. OMG h3>

17. And this is so? H3>

18. She levitates?! H3>

19. Wait, where whose hands? H3>

20. That's what I think? .. H3>

21. What a nightmare! H3>

22. Then I did a long time stuck h3>

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via www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/what-does-it-mean#.doLz4LW7r


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