Security camera in the animal shelter to fix a strange picture, which was very surprised staff ...

This story took place in the Canadian city of Alberta at an animal shelter Barker's Pet Motel and Grooming. In one of the cells contained a stray dog ​​named Maggie. She recently whelp, but a couple of weeks later, all her puppies new owners dismantled. And now the dog is left alone.

On Friday evening, the shelter workers have seen on surveillance monitors strange picture. Maggie had somehow managed to escape from his cage, and then purposefully she rushed off somewhere along the cell. The dog stopped in front of one of the cages and lay down right next door.

When workers went to check what was going on before their eyes appeared touching picture. It turned out that Maggie made an escape for two puppies that day were brought to the shelter!

Across the kids was terrible sight, and they began to whine. Maggie heard their cries and rushed to help. Although she managed to get out of his cage, but a cage to get the puppies she could not, so I just lay in the lattice itself closer to the kids to calm them down.

«Seeing this touching picture, we realized that Maggie needs these puppies, and they needed it. So we opened the cage and let the dog to the baby. She took them with such love, as if they were her family » i> -!
Shelter worker said.

«When I went to the empty cell Maggie, she was amazed that she was able to get out. Most likely, she was able to squeeze through the gap, which is used for serving food » i> -! Continue the story of a girl

Maggie the dog story once again shows us the enormous power of a mother's love and says that other children do not exist. If you are touched by this unusual case, then share it with your friends.


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