Cobachi nurseries

Cobachi kennels or puppy mill, the owners count on getting a large profit from the sale of as many puppies. Unfortunately, often in nurseries such conditions the dogs are not the most favorable. Bill Smith - founder of the Center for Animal Welfare in Pennsylvania - fighting for the emergence of a law to prevent cruelty to animals on these puppy mills.

Bill Smith - founder of the Center for Animal Welfare - IG holds that awaits new owners at the shelter Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. (Carolyn Kaster / AP)

Bern Shepherd Cubby looks from the office of a shelter. Cubby belongs to the office manager. The shelter dogs get medical treatment, training and lots of tender care. (Carolyn Kaster / AP)

Bill Smith stroking Great Pyrenees dog named Cody at the animal shelter Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. Volunteers work at the shelter for weeks or even months, to the rescued dogs found their new home. (Carolyn Kaster / AP)


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