Inspiring picmo Stephen Fry about how to find the light within himself

Actor and writer Stephen Fry knows firsthand about depression. One day he received a letter from a teenage girl with a request to tell you what has helped him find peace of mind. And he told her - how to find the light within himself, when it seems that the dark times never end
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< Dear Christel,

I'm sad to hear that life is not happy at the moment you. God knows, I know how difficult it is, when it seems nothing has been folded and little happy. I'm not sure that my advice will help to return the taste of life. Although tips are usually given in good faith, they are, sometimes, sore soul - because they remind us that you can not give yourself the love you show to people around
< I have found that can alleviate the situation, if you start to think about their feelings and moods as the weather.

Here are a few well-known facts about the weather:

  • It exists in reality.
  • You can not change it, wishing that she was gone.
  • If the window is now dark and rainy, it means that, although the dark and rainy, and you can not change it.
  • The darkness and rain can hold two weeks in a row. nO.

  • Once again, the sun comes out.
  • No one can decide when it will return to the sunny weather, but it will return. li >
  • one day.
    < NO.

    < They will be held; the truth will be.

    Just as we accept the bad weather outside the window, we should accept that sometimes life is seen in the gloomy light. "It's been a lousy day" - that's perfectly realistic approach. The main thing - do not forget the mind to reveal umbrella. < «Well, well, in the rain ... well, okay, that's not my fault. I can not do anything about it, just wait. And tomorrow, maybe the sun had come back, and when it comes back, I'm going to enjoy it in full. »

    I do not know whether useful to you something from all this. Maybe you decide that there is no, and then I'm sorry. I just wanted to drop a few lines to you to wish a safe journey in your quest - to find at least a little more joy and meaning in life
    Best wishes,

    Stephen Fry



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