Peace in the soul - an important condition for each person. Only it is possible to determine what is really important and what is imposed or wrongly. Many mistakes are made in life is due to the fact that the man seething passion, clouding his mind and making visible instead of the actual desired, to believe in the illusion to overestimate themselves and so on. Without peace of mind is extremely difficult to develop new knowledge, let alone practicing anything - even more so. It is also important for the health: all our thoughts affect the condition of the etheric body, which depends on the physical condition. Even if you do not take this into account, the preservation of a strong nervous system is still possible only when alone in the shower, as psychologists say.

Some would say that such a life is boring, it does not occur, the person becomes a "cracker", and passions all in fun. It is a profound error of those who do not care about his soul. All the emotional storm just ruin it, because they can not do without the negative, was disappointing. These wounds can become a cause of violence, secrecy, depression in many forms, the desire to assert themselves at the expense of others.

In the state of inner peace and happiness comes a clear understanding of what is happening, which becomes the cause of establishing their lives, finding like-minded, self-realization, finding true love. Peace - not to the death, it means a balance that allows to take life with a minimum of distortion and make the right decisions. Enjoy life, he does not interfere, but rather, only contributes to the Push-Pull positive.

Peace of mind comes with development. The more you understand the world, the more you realize that many situations do not require a violent reaction: it's just a situation, and how we perceive them, have our business. It will help finding various meditation on the sense of peace, control your mind, expansion of perception.


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