Father and Daughters Abduction place these photos to the Internet. After 1 hour, the incredible happened!

This incredible story took place in the Canadian city of Trois-Rivieres Melissa McMahon (Melissa McMahon) and Buakle Simon (Simon Boisclais). The young people loved each other and were very happy. Their lives seemed perfect. Soon, Melissa became pregnant, and the couple was looking forward to the birth of the child.

Pregnancy has passed without any complications, and at the appointed time was born girl who was named Victoria. Baby was Kripen'ka and healthy. Melissa and Simon could not get enough on it and feel in seventh heaven!


But the problem came from where it was not expected. One afternoon in the House to Melissa nurse came and took her daughter allegedly for analysis. When 10 minutes later she returned, the parents raised the alarm.

It turned out that Victoria was kidnapped by unknown intrusa that crept into the hospital disguised as a nurse. Fortunately, the criminal got into the lens cameras. One of them even recorded a thief closeup. A camera shot on the street when a woman in the form of a nurse with a baby in his hands boarded the runabout 'Toyota Yaris' red.


When Simon with the police looking through the camera recording, then it dawned on me! He asked the police permission to lay out a still image from the imaginary nurse online.

Simon and Melissa have published on their Facebook pages to call for help. They posted pictures of his daughter, as well as a snapshot of delinquents want. In addition, the photo supplied with detailed information about the time and circumstances of the abduction. And we asked all concerned as quickly as possible to extend recording among his friends.


Shocking news quickly spread on the Internet. And an hour later the identity of criminals has been installed!

Four students, friends dined at the cafe. One of them was flipping through news feeds in your phone and told the others about the kidnapping. Friends bent over the telephone, and Charlene Plant (Charlène Plante) in the thief knew his former roommate!


«Face criminals seemed very familiar. Similarly, my neighbor looked at the old apartment! As the picture on the internet was of poor quality, I doubt if she is or not. We drove up to my house and still see at the entrance to the red "Toyota", which was written under the photo. After that, we immediately called the police » i>, - says Charlene.

The police immediately rushed to the challenge. Charlene Plant suspicions were confirmed. Indeed, her former neighbor was the thief! Fortunately, with the Victoria, everything was in perfect order, so that the baby immediately returned to their parents.


Now a criminal awaiting trial. And the parents of Victoria does not hide his joy at the return of her daughter. «It was a miracle that the photos were able to save our child for some time! I am extremely grateful to each of those distributed in the network, our call for help, or simply click on "Like» » i>, - says Melissa.

Now, when everything ended well, we can only rejoice along with the happy parents. And if this story fuse your soul, be sure to share it with your friends!


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