60 steps toward to grow a happy child.


Child psychologist Elena Makarenko made a list of 60 phrases that are sure to talk to your child, he grew up to a full-fledged personality. That he was able to love and be loved, to feel confident, happy life and please others, I appreciated the fact that there was a grateful.

• Talk:
1. I love you.
2. I love you, no matter what.
3. I love you, even when you're mad at me.
4. I love you, even when I'm mad at you.
5. I love you, even when you're far away from me. My love is always with you.
6. If I could choose any child in the world, I would still chose you.
7. I love you like the moon, the stars and around the back.
8. Thank you.
9. I like to play with you today.
10. What is your favorite memory of the day when we're doing something together.

• Tell me:
11. The story of the birth or adoption.
12. About how you "bill and coo" with them when they were small.
13. The story of how you chose them names.
14. Statement at their age.
15. To learn how to meet their grandparents.
16. What are your favorite colors.
17. Sometimes you too hard.
18. What when you hold them by the hand and squeeze it 3 times, it is a secret code, which means - * love you *.
19. What are your plans for the near future.
20. What do you do now.

• Listen:
21. Your child in the car.
22. What is your child talks about their toys, and think about how it is important to him.
23. The question is, where is your child really needs your help.
24. At one second longer than allowed by your patience.
25. The feelings behind the words of your child.

• Ask:
26. Why do you think this happened?
27. What do you think will happen if ...?
28. How can we find out?
29. What are you thinking?
30. What is your best memory of the day?
31. What do you think, what it tastes?

• Show:
32. How to do something, rather than deny it to do.
33. As to whistle in the grass.
34. How to shuffle the cards, make the fan (house).
35. How to cut food.
36. How to fold laundry.
37. How to find information when you do not know the answer.
38. The attachment to your spouse.
39. take care of yourself and take care of themselves is very important.

• Take time:
40. together to watch the construction sites.
41. To look at birds.
42. To have your child help you cook.
43. On trips, to go to some place together.
44. In order to dig in the mud together.
45. In order to carry out tasks in the pace of your child.
46. ​​To just sit with your child while he plays.

• Treat your child:
47. Make some surprise.
48. Put the chocolate in crepes.
49. Put a meal or snack in the form of a smiley.
50. Play with them on the floor.

• Let go:
51. Guilt.
52. Your thoughts on how it should have been.
53. your need to be right.

• Render:
54. Look at your child's good eye.
55. Smile when your child comes into the room.
56. reciprocate when your child have concerns.
57. Set up a contact before to say something (to correct), so that your child really hear you.
58. Let your child to cope with their frustration (anger, rage), before you assist him.
59. Take a bath at the end of a long day.
60. You choose your favorite way to be kind to your child.


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