What it is and how to reach him?
The most important thing in a woman - it's internal state. You can be good to cook and dress up, but if we can not create a state of flux inside - it is useless. All of this would be unnecessary. From all this good will be tired, it will not bring happiness.

A man loves a woman is the state. That condition, which she creates with his energy, with his presence. It can make it very fast, but can - reassure. It may inspire, it can kill all aspirations. And of course, he will worship a woman, close to where he becomes a hero. This is another reason why you need to learn to manage the condition.

What is a harmonious condition of the woman? Status flow. When everything happens by itself, it is only a dream. When you do what you can, and the rest is built. When miracles happen - big and small. And in spite of that - goodness. Ocean tranquility.
When you're in the flow - a special state. An example of just one day of my life, who tossed me different tasks, but the state has changed a lot. Almost everything.

For example, the morning went on business, leaving dad with kids. While I was - my husband rested. House mess for a second day. I relaxed. Forces cleaning not. What experience. Nothing, even her husband did not ask. He took and put the whole house. For forty minutes. Even a little surprised by his speed :) From me it was necessary - as it turned out a little - listen to him all this time, he shared ideas. And silent. Oh yeah, make tea, and praise! That's all. And could begin to require assistance, whining, screaming. What's the point? It would be the result? There would be peace in the family?

In the stream I and the reaction of others. In one day it happens already two situations where you can fight for the right. I ordered a gift to another city to pay. The next day I get a call and say that I chose the wrong city. Surely a site messed up technically - because I know that I chose. It was possible to start the engine and complain. It does not become. Easy to pay extra for delivery. That's all. The husband in this place helped - asked again - you're right or you want to be important that a person received a gift?

And then the Internet. For two days he did not work, and he told us, of course, necessary. Yes, there are mobile - but it's not such a speed limit traffic. And it is not very convenient. I called landlords promised to solve during the day - nothing. The next day, in the evening - nothing. All the same. You can swear - that we are forgotten and remembered only after the second call. And you can relax. Well, okay. Well, that is the mobile Internet. Yes, and no less engaged in household garbage, fewer cartoons, only the important things. Quietly inside. Good. Energy in safety. Without proof of innocence.
I like to state here that stream, very much. It so much power - not the crushing and calm. Exactly force. Women. How did it start? Where does?

THREE key to a state of rest

The first key to this state - this communion with nature. Spend a day in nature, and in a lot of energy. Which is lacking in the cities and hectic. A simple walk among ancient trees, on the ground barefoot, sit on it - even if it is not so warm. And power becomes much. Grace very much once inside. There is something to share.

In the cities, nature is very small, small parks, a little greenery. The air is very different. Energy is not appeasing, and rages. Rages, factories, it grasps at some whirlpool. Even sleep in the city much harder to worse. Nature also happens to oxygen intoxication. Heart cleaned and filled. The problems go away, the person relaxes. And more importantly, what will you do with this inner fullness. What do you mean it the right? Just live out - or share with the world.
Because as the second key to the state of flow - is the ability to give. Giving to others. We're often trying to take - and more. I, me, mine. We are looking for the benefits of self-interest. And then the other way around. Looking for opportunities to do good to others. Giving gifts, kind words to say. It's nice to give people more than they expect. I sincerely thank the taxi drivers that very carefully driven. The woman in the window of the Federal Migration Service to sincerely thank - surely she rarely say thank you. In general, try to smile at everyone met up man. As my husband - to create an imbalance of kindness around.

Give more than you receive. And do not expect. Contribute world kindness forward. Become the first link of big changes. Good and happy taxi driver will take as much care someone else, say a couple of warm words. His passenger peaceful come home - and do something good for the home. And so on. And to me because it is easy. From me, it does not decrease, it is because I share the abundance. Abundance in the world, good, light. Now in me this much. I give - and more coming. Many times more. And I'm back in the flow. And the world becomes better.
But there is a third important key. Without which the first two will give a temporary effect. This state can not be created within itself, if there is no faith in a higher power. Most people have the opinion that all you need to achieve the most. And we are making. Themselves. We do not believe in miracles, do not expect them. And even related to the phrase "being in the flow" can be negative. Kind of like "go with the flow." When a person is trying to himself his life to "do" a lot of energy spent on something that actually he did not really need.

The Vedas say that the Lord fulfills the desires of everyone. It's true. Just some wishes come true at once, you need to wait. Some we lock themselves their fears - when the fear of too much. Some we block that very actively seek them. This is especially true that we can not control - get pregnant, get married, have a baby. In these places, the more brains and effort - the worse. Here is particularly necessary flow. When everything happens by itself - comes right man comes to baby shower, birth occur easier.

Status of flow - is the foundation. Basis to feel happy, to fulfill his dream to be a woman. After a stream, you can establish any relationship, be peaceful, relaxed and happy.

Remember that a woman - a river. And so the state of the stream - it is truly feminine. Men, too, is the flow. But another. A more vigorous and rapid. With whirlpools and rapids. We have a good flow will bring.
Female flow - a state of inner strength, calm and confident. It needs no proof. For the benefit of all sentient beings. Managed by higher powers. Our task - not to interfere with the flow to be in us. His brains invented standards fears. Just do not get in the way.



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