Girls from different countries in the project "Atlas of beauty"

Photographer Michaela Mink (Mihaela Noroc) gave up her job, took off her savings and went on a journey around the world. Her project entitled "Atlas of beauty» («The Atlas Of Beauty») allows you to see the stunning photos of women in a natural environment - in the places where they live and work.

Mink finds beauty in the people who remain faithful to their origins and culture, and live accordingly true self, sincerity and naturalness.

"Global trends make us look and behave the same way - she explains - but we are all fine, because we are different. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the viewer is always someone else ».

Most recently I visited Michaela in East and South-East Asia

"Atlas of Beauty" is a method that Norok documents the incredible diversity of the human population.

"Maybe in 50 years, all the women around the world will dress and behave the same way - she writes. - I hope that my project will be a witness to the cultures and traditions of my era ».


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