The largest butterfly on the planet

The largest representative among butterflies are rightly called the Pavlinoglazka Atlas. No, this is not a child of Chernobyl or Fukushima, this creature really is created by nature and striking in its beauty, and most importantly size.

This butterfly has cemented several names such as Pavlinoglazka Atlas just Atlas, the Prince of Darkness or the Latin name "Attacus atlas". In Hong Kong this butterfly's name is "snake's head moth" and if you look at the patterns on the wings you'll understand why. For those who are in the tank, explain that the upper end of the wings bear a striking resemblance to the head of the snake, why they got their name. But most often, we hear about her, just as the largest butterfly on the planet.

Most often representatives of this species meet in southern China in the subtropical zone of Asia, Thailand and Indonesia. The biggest officially registered representative had a wingspan of 262 mm, which was about 400 sq. cm According to unconfirmed reports, the largest member had a wingspan 298 mm. This is the largest butterfly on the planet famous not only for its size but useful properties. So, Pavlinoglazka bred on farms in Indonesia to obtain a special kind of silk, fagara silk, which differs from that obtained from the silkworm durability and strength, and empty cocoons of butterflies make wallets.

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