Very simple, but very powerful exercise that will help you greatly improve your life in all directions.
It will help expand the best side of life to face him. Get lucky. Pet of the world! Learning to smile :)

Imagine that somewhere you have a live warm and joyous light. Even if you feel bad or something like that ... indifferent, he is still in you. Because joy - this is the natural state of man, it is compulsory and basic quality of his soul. Even if you do not feel like it just hiding for a while - well, like a smoldering ember in the fire ...
Here now is the time to find it and inflate. Feel where the body has responded? Heat in the stomach, chest tenderness, slight sore throat, a sudden improvement in vision or hearing? Imagine what would it be an image: the fragile flickering candle? Fireplace with real wood? Ember in the fire? Warm sun? The window in the night? Or just a glimmer of a torch in the darkness?
Strengthen, if necessary, the light so that you were with him well and reliably. And now take a look ... Do you see how to respond to the call of your warm twinkle lights around more and more of the same joyful, warm and powerful light sources? They are everywhere, all around the globe and become visible only because responding to the call of your light.
Take a look at your loved ones. He is there for sure. Even if you are at loggerheads. Even if it hurts. Even if you feel a deep grudge. Take a look at them through his magic light - and you will see exactly the same erupted in their hearts.
And he is also the chief of you have not even hesitate. And even those who have thrown. And customers who stomp on you feet ...
Maybe they just forgot about him ... or the role they have for this life - reminding you of weaknesses. But that's another story.
Remember this magical spark once woke up. And try to carry that feeling all day. It will become more, it will help you make the right decisions and take the right actions to everything in your life evolved well.

If you expect that with this exercise can be manipulated by others and make them dance to their tune, then this is a mistake.
Your light - is first of all to you, and if you're called on the carpet to the magistrate, with him in the shower, you will not be in the Orphan excuses, sputter and crawl under the table, even if you will be shot. And ultimately, the chain of failures simply fall apart, because it is not working. And if does not work, then why is it necessary?
And sooner or later, your inner light will help others to remember that they have it, too.
This light is called - LOVE !!!


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