10 good stories that will put faith in people

In this crazy world, so it is important to know how to be a man and come to the rescue in a difficult moment. We are in the Website believe that good will be left without attention and everyone is able to make our planet a better place.

The blind in one eye, a guy bought a one-eyed dog that nobody wanted to buy h3>

Trent Jordan lost his sight in one eye a few years ago, but since then doctors have not been able to cure him. Once Jordan with the children walking in the market in search of a puppy. When they saw the furry lump, do not make it past: the puppy did not have one eye. Of course, the family took the baby in his house: in spite of his illness, the puppy grows active and fun dog, which you can see in Instagram.

The baby fell asleep while waiting for the queue to Santa, but the parents are not allowed to wake the baby h3>

The six-month Zeke Walters came with his parents to the mall, to be photographed with Santa. But the kid while he waited for his turn, got tired and fell asleep. Then Santa suggested not to wake the baby and still picture taken with him, and pretended to be asleep sweetly. The result is incredibly touching picture!

The woman gave homeless children a toy shop h3>

Carol Sachmen from New York has one noble habit for the holidays she buys toys and gives them to children in need. This time she saw the half-bankrupt toy store and decided to do more good: the store bought, and toys, as usual, gave the children.

Girl donated hair for children with cancer h3>

Emily James still a little three year old girl, but she has a big heart: she sacrificed her long hair for children with cancer. The idea belongs to the mother of a girl who was once a teenager just gave her hair after chemotherapy for patients. "I do not want children to be sad because they lost their own hair. And I can help them, so I gave her, "- said little Emily.

Stewardess fed the sick passenger, who suffered a stroke h3>

During the flight, on board passenger aircraft in China, an elderly man who was half-paralyzed and recently suffered a stroke, identified roomy front seat. The pair flew economy class, and his wife were unable to provide a nearby chair, so they had to sit separately. During lunch, a flight attendant noticed that a man with difficulty holding a spoon in his hands. Then she offered to help: knelt and fed him. Passengers have been very touched by such an act, and the man could not hold back tears.

Coffee Shop, where to sleep at night, let the dogs h3>

The owners of the coffee shop, located in the town of Mytilene (Greece) proved to people with big heart: in the evening when the last guests leave, the owners admit to his establishment stray dogs. Now the poor man can sleep in warmth and comfort, without fear for his life.

The young man heroically rescued the child on fire h3>

Once in the house of 25-year-old Oleg Tronova fire started. The staircase was in the thick smoke and the guy on a nearby balcony saw two women with young children, were held hostage situation. The young man kept his head, climbed through the hatch in its own balcony on the roof and, risking his own life to save a neighbor's balcony-year-old boy. Fortunately, after some time firefighters arrived and rescued the remaining people. Rescuers awarded Oleg participants with fire suppression.

The farmer turned to 3 million hectares of desert into fertile soil h3>

The story of this man named Savadago dates back to 1974, when he decided to help his country Burkina Faso survive the drought. Because of her most of the residents were forced to move, but Savadago decided to use the ancient technique of processing the soil using compost, water and seeds. Moreover, he went on his motorcycle across the country and teach others their skills. After 40 years, more than 3 million hectares of desert Savadago efforts and his assistants turned into fertile soil.

Girl forgotten teddy rabbit in the hotel, and the staff sent her a photo report about his vacation h3>

When staff discovered in Ireland in one of the hotel's forgotten someone of the guests plush rabbit, they did not panic. The workers decided to take some photos of the holiday rabbit in the walls of the hotel and put them to Facebook. And after a while and found a little mistress toys, which was very happy to get the pet back.

The boy sheltered from fox fur farms in order to save her life h3>

Here Martin - activist rescue foxes from fur farms, and just a great guy. One day, he decided to save the prospect of becoming someone's coat at least one animal and took to his home a small fox. Since then, the animal has grown significantly, and Martin continues to fight for the rights of animals, and even created a defensive organization.

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