Elon Musk: 2018 Tesla can independently cross the entire country

You think new function call car parking - it's great? Well, CEO Elon Musk says it's only the beginning. In a telephone conversation with journalists today, Musk reiterated his prediction that there will be a fully autonomous Tesla for two years, noting that «Summon - it's just a small step in this direction».

Elon Musk:

In the end, it will be possible to call your machine from anywhere ... it can get to you myself. I think a couple of years you can cause your car across the country - from New York to LA.
The car will find you no matter where your mobile phone ... and it will automatically recharge itself during the trip. Blockquote> CEO noted that the current prototype robotic charging ( Snake ) or its improved version will soon be installed at stations superzaryadki company. Musk later acknowledged that his prediction "perhaps a little optimistic" and said that full autonomous driving would require more than a software update i> on the existing series Model S and Model X:

We need more sensors, to do it. Need more redundancy ... more cameras, radars, power rails for them because ... in the car, any system may refuse, in which case it will not have the safety net of the driver. blockquote>

In ~ 2 years, summon should work anywhere connected by land & not blocked by borders, eg you're in LA and the car is in NY- Elon Musk (elonmusk) January 10, 2016 blockquote>
 This means that Tesla sold today may not be self-contained in the full sense for two years, but Musk thinks that the right technology will be fully ready by that time. As he told journalists:

«In this period of - 24 to 36 months, Tesla will be able to govern themselves almost all the roads, making it a level of security far exceeds the capabilities of man.»

Source: geektimes.ru/post/268982/


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