IMPACT ON CHILDREN MAM very powerful - 80%.

As a child, there is a strong influence on health, and when the children grow up, the mother affects their destiny and potential.

If mom is happy, have fun, everyone is interested in, she likes to live, she had a lot of different hobbies, friends and acquaintances with whom she is well, and it does not lead empty talk, its children become rich and successful.

If the mother is going through, and constantly worried afraid that with them that something will happen, then it is an indication that it has ceased to grow and began to deteriorate. Then she picks up energy from their children, so some of her intuition, and says that they might have something happen.


• enjoys life;
• constantly finds something good for yourself;
• always feels like a woman;
• removes the empty talk and complaints,

SO ITS ALL CHILDREN gives much simpler and easier.

If it:

• All over the unhappy;
• adjusted;
• exhibits insecurity,

the children are irritated, offended and angry at her;
or if they behave well towards her (out of duty / training), it will start to hurt.

START enjoy life and constantly move forward!
Then, with your children everything will be fine!

From the webinar "The Power of Thought."


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