10 films are so twisted that they have to look twice

The loop time h3>

It is extremely confusing futuristic thriller about the future, in which some gangsters have learned in the past to send unwanted persons. Like all movies based on time travel, this has its fragile logic, which, however, it is better not to ponder. Just watch and enjoy.

Mulholland Drive h3>

The film is composed of pieces, fragments, small pieces that make up a whole. An untrained or inexperienced viewer can simply get lost, taking into account each clue to an overall mosaic. This film attracts so that keeps in suspense from beginning to end, raising questions from the moment of accident.

Revolver h3>

Guy Ritchie poses challenges the viewer that it is necessary to decide to start to solve the following. As long as you to think about why and what a hero is made, there is a danger to overlook new puzzle in the film. And so, one by one, the chain of unsolved problems will increase.

Base "Clayton» h3>

In the US military base in the Panama Canal during the exercise of emergency occurs: lost part of the squad led by an instructor-tyrant is obviously not without casualties ... two returning soldiers give contradictory testimony, more and more confusing thing ... Love puzzle? Love hitrovystroennye subjects with multiple feints? Then, this film is required for viewing.

Skeleton Key h3>

25-year-old Caroline Ellis finds a job as a nurse in an elderly invalid Ben Devereaux, the owner of a huge mansion somewhere in Louisiana. Soon she becomes witness to a rather strange and unexplained events and decides to unravel the mysteries that hides the wife of an elderly man.

Donnie Darko h3>

The film addresses the important philosophical issues - the idea of ​​manifest destiny and the possibility to change it, the idea of ​​self-sacrifice for the good of others, the idea that nothing happens by chance. The density of the meaning unit of screen time is so great that sometimes starts to feel dizzy.

Cloud Atlas h3>

Six stories that occurred in different epochs of the past and the future, are closely interwoven with each other, showing that our every action responds to the centuries wave. Making a choice between freedom and bondage, we must consider the consequences. Changing one thing we are changing more. Everything is interconnected.

Timecop h3>

Future. Scientists have created a time machine, and with the invention the world has entered a new round of civilization. Thanks to the invention have an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past to make the present better. The film is terrific "unformatted" and the intellectual cinema with the author's handwriting.

Game h3>

In this paranoid thriller ripe style of the famous director David Fincher, dissects reality - layer by layer, so it is unclear whether there is any reality at all. This is what has been the character of Michael Douglas created at the behest of his brother (Sean Penn) "simulator" of reality, to see what he can do and how firm the world.

The Skin I Live In h3>

The world-famous surgeon Robert Ledgard discovered the secret of creating an artificial human skin. He assures colleagues that makes experiments on mice, but secretly keeps locked up in his country house, a young woman named Faith, which is the main subject of his experiments.

Preview: A scene from the movie "Revolver»

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