The famous anti-wrinkle cream that will smooth the week the worst skin

Note: long soaks, more than an hour, so they need to use up to 2 hours before bedtime. The first result will see in 3 days. The recipe for a simple and truly magical.

Note: long soaks, more than an hour, so they need to use up to 2 hours before bedtime. The first result will see in 3 days. The recipe for a simple and truly magical.

Quote from the book Susan Kubelka "Madame will come later today»

 - Then he manufactures his famous anti-wrinkle cream that will smooth the week the worst skin. No wonder that in my forty-two years smooth face. Most importantly - do not eat meat, but care is also important! Therefore, your creams I do myself. Although creating the perfect recipe took me two years, and here works the truth that all the great very, very simple. The secret of my smooth beautiful skin is very simple: mayonnaise with infusion of chamomile!

Chamomile smoothes the skin like a hot iron, and mayonnaise nourishes and gives it elasticity. If the skin is spoiled, like me, the sun and wind, or no longer responds to purchased creams, run to the plate and how to stir. Mayonnaise with chamomile cope with it.
At five o'clock in the afternoon, after a glass of carrot juice, I'm starting a priest. I make the mayonnaise of almond oil and half of the yolk, it's very simple. Adding to the infusion of chamomile, as to not thickened. There is a bit of sea salt, a drop of honey. Melt in a water bath two coffee spoon of Vaseline. When it becomes liquid and cools a bit, I add to it the mayonnaise and mix with a hand mixer. Another warm merge into a small pot and put in the freezer. Five minutes later, all the manipulation is finished!
In the evening, I rinse the face infusion of chamomile, take a little pot of cream and rub into damp skin. Then I drive in his fingers dry. Freshens great! Whenever the skin or pulled together, I repeat the procedure. Four days later, desquamation disappears small
wrinkles, too, large pores are closed, I look rosy and fresh.

Now the second trick.
Thumb and forefinger massaging his eyebrows, all the time in one direction - from the nose to the temples, seven or eight times, until the skin turns red. Then, with his eyes closed, eyebrow comb brush. It relaxes the small muscles that form wrinkles, relieves stress from his forehead and smoothes it.
Now it has become a mandatory procedure nightly before going to bed. And every time the wrinkled forehead. After all the wrinkles do himself wrong mimicry.

I immediately produced the cream. Only took no almond oil and olive oil, but most good - Extra Vision. Mayonnaise as such I did not get to give an oily white mass, with the way I was doing the next manipulation. Vaseline and I probably added a little, because the cream at the output to be very liquid and not frozen at all. A freeze it should, I think, by Vaseline. I took a cosmetic Vaseline.

I apply the cream exactly as prescribed, ie after opalaskivaniya face chamomile. However, I have not used only at night, but as the day. But I'm sitting at home and someone to work - I do not advise to do it, as make-up, he will not do. It is absorbed for a long time, even an hour, so you need to use it two hours before bedtime. The first result I saw just three days !!!
Face noticeably freshened up and standing at attention. Now I have passed until the next night cream, because that olive oil is still a bit too heavy for my skin (but I already mischievous acts he is fine!). The next batch will, as expected, with almond oil, it must be sold in pharmacies. Just I do not know how it should be, to make mayonnaise on it. In general, girls, simple recipe and a truly magical & quot ;.

 - Half of fresh yolk
 - 2 tsp of almond oil (I think you can substitute olive)
 - 1 tsp marine food salt
 - 2 tsp chamomile decoction
 - 0.5 tsp honey
 - 2 tsp Vaseline

Method of manufacturing:
As in the book are not specified proportion, I made them, based on their experience. And despite the fact that I was only 30 years old, I tried it myself. The skin then the cream is very good. Mix all the ingredients at once, without melting the petrolatum and blender not stirred, otherwise it would amount of cream smeared on the wall. Vaseline is not dissolved, so I put in the freezer, and when he was a little grab, I'm all mixed thoroughly with a spoon until smooth. And then several times. Now he's worth it. I take a little bit in the morning and do all that, as stated above, only after 30 minutes wash off the remains of a cotton swab dipped in mineral water. Whoever respects his skin, the cream should be like.
Highly recommend))


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