I would give a lot for those 22 rules in their youth:

1. Childhood ends as soon as you earn money first. From that moment you become the object of a possible material enrichment for all those around you at the moment.

2. The educational system is aging at a time when you are on the first day sat at the desk.
It is based on the skeletal system of ministries and departments, and not keep up with new trends and trends.

3. It should read "boring books" not recommended by the school. Read without stopping, read as much as possible informative literature. If you do not acquire the habit in childhood, everything that you will read later in this caption TV.

4. World Order wants all were zombies - teledebilami. The country's economy is based on consumption so than you are illiterate, and depending on the TV, so you find it easier to sell products and services.

5. The people around are sources of information. Learn how to talk and listen to others. Avoid people, considering them unworthy of their attention - so do not find customers, friends, or work in the future.

6. Respect the wisdom of people older than themselves. Listen, even if you think that their view is outdated. Their knowledge is built on a system of values, outlook, life experience and logical relationships between the environment and decision-making.

7. To create idols. Find people that you can admire and try to beat them, and then select other more worthy.

8. Shyness - is the enemy of progress. Do not let your emotions forbid you to learn more about the people, because in this case people do not know about you. Folk wisdom says no wonder the audacity - the second happiness.

9. Choose a reliable travel. Do not build a solid relationship with a man, if you do something it does not like to just that "something" will be the cause of your loss, your case rupture.

10. Risk is necessary, as long as you have nothing. Over time, you will acquire a family, children, experience and care will become more conservative. If you want something to do - make them while young.

11. Being a cheapskate. Do not waste your money on rubbish, collect them for something serious, such as on the business. It will teach you to spend money wisely and for purpose. Remember, money - it's means.

12. explore the world. Spend money on the impression. The joy of impressions and memories of the value is higher than the value of the purchased household items and clothing.

13. The need to earn money. No savings will not make you financially secure and morally self-sufficient. And no matter how much you earn now, the main thing is your desire and ability to earn.

14. Breaking the Bank in his youth - is unfortunate. Luck in his youth, often leads to rash decisions and wrong decisions. Easy money quickly leave, leave only bitterness and a mental disorder.

15. Need for Action. You do not want to program your life, be prepared to receive only the gifts of fate. But please note, this "elephant calf" small - not enough at all.

16. Keep the form. Get into the habit of exercise - 15 minutes a day is enough. The body gets used and you will not be able to then refuse.

17. Be prepared for offline. Learn to cook, wash, iron, buy, etc. even if your family partner will do all this better than you.

18. Do not trust your memory. Memory is not enough, no matter how fantastic it was. Record.

19. It is necessary to dream. Never stop dreaming about something more and better, do not listen to anyone who tells you that it's time to come down from heaven to earth.

20. Education should engage parents. Do not try to fix people if they are blunt, look for those who are not spoiled

21. You have to be literate. The ability to speak fluently and is useful in the case when you will communicate their views to clients, management or personnel.

22. Compete. Life business relationship - it is a very competitive environment.


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