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There are films about romantic love, touching and tender. And there are movies about love crazy, sweeping everything in its path and change the fate of pushing to extremes and follies. And though it is not as beautiful as in romkomah, but it's worth it.

Website 15 strong gathered movies where love is this - the irresistible force that makes you forget yourself and the world around.

Last Tango in Paris

Ultimo tango a Parigi h3>

The grand movie that makes a strong impression on the audience for many decades. No names, no past, no talking - just mad passion in the walls dingy apartment, which turns into a hero for the whole universe. Contact American middle-aged man and a young Parisian woman goes into a passion that extends almost to insanity, passion, beyond which it is difficult to imagine.

Blame stars

The Fault in Our Stars h3>

Hazel cancer patients. She goes to a support group, where he met with Augustus Waters and instantly falls in love with him. Hazel and Augustus sent to complete the journey of passion, and their goal - to make his last days full of life, love and meaning. They may not have been able to achieve such closeness and sincerity in the feelings, if they did not realize how little they released.


Beyond Borders h3>

The film is about a love that changes and makes us stronger and better. Young married American Sarah is at a charity evening and hear the hottest speech made by Dr. Nick Kellahenom. His ardent appeal for assistance to children of the countries involved in military conflicts, turned Sarah's life forever. Sarah breaks up with her husband and rushes toward risk, danger and ... their love. For a decade, the fate will drive Sara and Nick in various "hot spots" of the planet and love will prepare the real tests.

The Lovers on the Bridge

Les amants du Pont-Neuf h3>

Heavy drinkers, dropping a street fakir Alex lives in the oldest Parisian bridge Pont Neuf. One day he meets a young artist Michel, who lost his eyesight, has decided to leave home and friends. Alex and Michelle appears strange, swift and heady, but healing for both the novel. Shrill movie that drew the essence of love as it is.

Breaking the Waves

Breaking the Waves h3>

This film is more like a parable about that is capable of boundless love. Beth Young girl from a remote community in Scotland fell in love with a nice guy - Ian working on the rig at sea. Bess asks God to Yang was always there with her, and Jan returned to her crippled after an accident on the rig. Love Bess, who wants to save Ian, pushes her to make such sacrifices, that very few people on the shoulder.

Bitter Moon

Bitter Moon h3>

"Bitter Moon" - one of the most difficult and hard film that can make people love. A chance meeting in the early spring morning in a Paris bus for the rest of life determined the fate of Oscar and Mimi. They are not interested in Love and romance - they wanted to explore his passion. They examined each other and themselves to complete self-destruction.

Punch-Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love h3>

Barry Egan - with a bunch of neurotic complexes. He was already well into the thirties, but he suffers from sudden outbursts of rage and can not communicate normally with people. With women - in particular. But fate has not yet been put on the cross Barry - one day he meets a strange girl, destined to turn his life. Sincere auteur cinema that reveals Adam Sandler from an unexpected quarter - so it you will not see anywhere else.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind h3>

Love - is the pain and the fear of being rejected. All true, because the protagonist of "Eternal Sunshine" decides to erase the memory of his beloved. But if we are talking about these feelings, you can not just pick up and press delete. Love hurts, yes. But it's worth it.

Three meters above the sky

Tres metros sobre el cielo h3>

Two young men belong to different worlds. Babi - rich sweet girl, Aceh - a rebellious, biker impulsive, prone to risk and danger. This is unlikely, almost impossible, but their meeting was inevitable, and between them there is a love that rises above the sky. Love is like an electric current.

Love Me If You Dare

Jeux d'enfants h3>

This is a movie about love, but it was not what we used to see it in strips about love. It is unhealthy, mad, devoid of frames and borders, finally destructive. Boy and girl came up with the game 'dare - do not you dare, "and they took to each other" on the weak ". The game grew with them, and once they become adults, but could not stop.


Bakjwi h3>

It's almost a 'Twilight' - is also about love vampire and an ordinary woman, but much closer to the art of cinema and the present. And - in an adult. Lust - one of the most sensual films of recent years of a passionate love, sin and redemption.

Color of Night

Color of Night h3>

Bruce Willis plays a New York psychologist who after a tragic accident stopped seeing red (he lost a patient - she jumped out the window directly into the session). He falls in love with a young girl, which also crippled psyche of past events. Heroes are immersed in love instantly and capture the feelings of their head.

Killing Me Softly

Killing Me Softly h3>


The fateful meeting with a compelling and mysterious guy changed the measured life of Alice. Having lost her head, she breaks up with a trusted friend and rushes into the arms of Adam, realizing that she had found the second half. It was only after the wedding, she realizes that he knows nothing about his wife.


Wuthering Heights h3>

The film adaptation of the famous novel by Emily Bronte - a lot, but this one, in 1992, with Juliette Binoche and Ralph Fiennes - the most powerful. It is in this film managed to convey all the despair, tragedy and pain of love Cathy and Heathcliff, which was destined to turn and break their lives.


Wicker Park h3>

Matthew says in a restaurant his former lover Lisa, who mysteriously disappeared two years ago and passion for which he still possessed. Forgetting everything, Matthew walks the path of deception and suspicion to her dog. He did not even prepolagaet that blind love made him a victim of a masterly intrigue.

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