10 creative packages that can be done with children

Children are not always easy to explain that to give gifts nicer than to receive them. But if you turn the process, let's gift packaging, into something creative, child will show an interest.

Today Website to collect for you the most unusual design ideas of gifts with their own hands. Make each of these packages will give pleasure to both adults and children. And let's not forget that the joint work pulls together.

joyously colorful yarn h3>

Instead of wrapping the tape you can use different colored threads. They will look more elegant gift.

Cat and dog h3>

For small unpretentious gifts fit nice package in the form of a cat or dog. Make them can be placed using the instructions below.

Pen h3>

Cardboard, glue, scissors and markers - that is all that you need for making such a pencil.

The original "locksĀ» h3>

Simple boxes can decorate the "locks" of different shapes. Templates for manufacturing can be found here.

Ladybug h3>

Make it easy to pack, and look - the eye does not tear off.

Twisted strips of paper h3>

Strips of paper are intertwined - and that the packaging has played quite differently. These colorful "ribbon" look great on newspapers.

Packaging spirals h3>

Unusual box for pleasant things you get when you spin in a spiral and glued sheets of paper. Mesmerizing thing!

Embroidery h3>

Embroidery different patterns and drawings will give a package of warmth and comfort.

Deer of towels h3>

Towels tied with ribbon edge, you can make fun of a deer. A great idea to hide some little treasure for a child.

Miniature ornaments

Various figures attached to the packing tape or a pin, make a stylish design.

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