Five facts about mathematics, which even we, humanists, struck

Mathematics is one of the few areas of knowledge that can be objectively described as a "true" - because all of its theorems are derived from clean logiki.I yet, for the uninitiated, these theorems often look very strange and illogical. Moreover, some citizens consider math humanities manage just boring!

Website publishes several amusing stories from the world of numbers that fully refute this hypothesis.

Unit in marketing h2> The most common unit can turn any product in the bait for customers. After the unit, adding to the whole number, it caused us a subconscious feeling of overcoming boundaries go beyond the ordinary. 11 herbs and spices in KFC, legendary model Levi`s 501 and brilliant "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick called on this principle.

Not so simple h2> Throughout the world there is only one hundred and fifty people, can "go on the front line" of mathematics. Here's an interesting story that could explain how complex the science. Several years ago, a couple of scientists, Bertrand Russell and Alfred Whitehead, decided to write a book Principia Mathematica, showing what mathematics is the basis of all science. Already written 379 pages, the scientists decided to leave his venture: only this time they were able to fully prove that 1 + 1 = 2.

Magic unlucky h2> In Japanese homes, you will not find on the fourth floor and did not mark the birthday of the fourth. In general, everything connected with the number 4 - a taboo, because the character is written is almost the same as "death." We could only laugh at the superstitious Japanese, if not for one fact: the representatives of Japanese and Chinese race, and in fact often die is the 4th.

This is Babylon, baby h2> We have long been accustomed to use the decimal number system, but somehow not surprised at the fact that in our hour or ten and sixty minutes, one minute 60 seconds, and the circle is divided into 360 degrees. All this - the gift of ancient Mesopotamia, mathematics, which, according to some reports, were able to reach incredible heights in science. On the priests of the Sumerians and Babylonians there are not too much information, but proponents of conspiracy theories are sure remnants sexagesimal system saved the government because it is such a use aliens from outer space.

The shortest distance between two points h2> We have a child familiar with the postulate: the shortest distance between two points - a straight line. The more difficult it will be to accept that statement wrong. In the real world, the shortest way to ensure the movement of an object along a cycloid, sloping curve.



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