25 photos that will prove to you that the reality is much steeper Photoshop

Many people are not even aware that is capable of majestic nature and, therefore, having seen the wonderful picture, so often convict the photographer to use photo editors, the most popular of which is a photoshop. Lack of faith in the mighty power and splendor of the pristine nature, with its striking scenery eyes, creates mistrust and catch everyone feels looking at what I saw with my own eyes. But can we believe in the pictures that await you on, you will not find a program photoshop.

Unusual coastline, UK

Autumn forest. Level load: 50% 12,861,185

That's what happens when you pour hot water into Antarktide

Ideal iced fence

Highway Niderlandah

The work of the French artist Georges Rousse, who creates his colorful perspective painting in abandoned buildings, under-trained snos

At the crossroads of worlds. New York, SSHA

Climber standing on a mountaintop in Islandii

When there is a private house and some land for planting kartoshki

Splash in a soap puzyrya

Darius - the biggest rabbit in mire

Night Fog in Sausalito, California, SSHA

Brick wall of the cathedral in Madrid, Spain. It is constructed from recycled materials and construction waste, the efforts of one man - Justo Gallego Martinesa

The temple, which was covered with ash in the eruption ontake Japan

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder of North Korei

Sunset in the mountains Yaponii

Supermoon in radioteleskope

Normal operating torque. Tractor catches oblako

Blue infused Yaponii

Spider's web in the forest Abernethy, Scotland

Volcanic eruption in Iceland

Scarlet eyes poisonous frog, Costa Rica

Glowing squid Hotaru Ika, Japan

Flamingos lined up in the shape of flamingos Yucatan Peninsula

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