Man, as a cell, an organism lives in the same universe.

As can be seen separately from the whole cell of the body ?! And the body and cell interconnected with each other. Separation exists only to each cell to perform its functions. A main function of each cell - the life and prosperity of the whole organism. If the cell fulfills its function, it receives from the body everything it needs. Once the cell begins to isolate itself from the body, it turns into a tumor. A cancer cell lives by the body, it feeds on the juices and gradually destroys it, and ultimately - and himself.

Man, as a cell, an organism lives in the same universe. The main purpose of human - health and prosperity of this organism. We, the people, are linked by a common idea of ​​life, the idea of ​​creation. This idea unites us, not divides. We all expect the transformation of consumers into creators and artists. But as long as we divide the world into friends and enemies, we will be fighting for survival in this world. A man who lives in the old model, brings pain to themselves and others. Gradually, he isolates himself from nature, people, tribe, society, from the homeland and becomes a "tumor". Is it because so prevalent cancers in the world?
Hence the genius in its simplicity conclusion: we live in a just world! Any our aggressive behavior towards others and to themselves immediately be reflected in ourselves. After all, the world - this is our world. Conversely, a good attitude to themselves and the environment will create favorable chain of events.


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