Supernovae - one of the most spectacular cosmic phenomena.

Supernovae - one of the most spectacular cosmic phenomena. In short, a supernova - a true explosion of a star when a large part of her weight (and sometimes all) is ejected with a speed of up to 10 000 km / s, and the balance shrinks (collapses) into a superdense neutron star or a black hole. Supernovae play a crucial role in the evolution of stars. They are ending the life of stars more than 8-10 solar masses, giving rise to neutron stars and black holes, and enriching the interstellar medium with heavy chemical elements. All the elements heavier than iron are formed by the interaction of the nuclei of lighter elements and elementary particles in the explosions of massive stars. Is this not the solution lies eternal thrust mankind to the stars? Indeed, in the smallest cell of living matter are atoms of iron synthesized in the death of some massive stars. In this sense, people akin snowman from Andersen's fairy tale: he had a strange love for the hot stove, because it served as a frame poker ...

Another fact is that supernovae emit the most powerful light in the universe! That is why their performance is used to measure distances! Here they are the brightest flash Celebrations Birthday! )))

Supernovae are rare. In a typical galaxy exploding supernovae for several millennia. Of course, a lot of galaxies so the average for a few seconds in the entire visible universe is one supernova explodes.


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