In the Moscow archives of the descendants of Prince Golitsyn kept a few pages written by the hand of Princess Anna Sergeyevna Galitzine, nee Lopukhina. It is a number of tips on how to deal with a runny nose, sore throat and treat colds win. When someone from the household was sick (and the princess had six children), Anna S. invariably looked into their records.

"Domestic" Sea

If you have a sore throat, you should take three cups of boiled water, to add 4-5 drops of iodine, a teaspoon of salt. Carefully stir. The result was the sea water in the home. Throat rinse the mixture in pure form. The action of the sea water is as follows: salt clears his throat, and iodine heals. Also, a sore throat heals perfectly warm sage tea. Take two teaspoons of sage, pour a half cup of boiling water and leave for thirty minutes, the resulting mixture.
If you can get the eucalyptus leaves, brew them in the same proportion.

On all occasions

If you are often tormented by a runny nose, keep in the medicine chest of tea tree oil. It is several times higher than on a strong antiseptic properties. How to cook drops? The small bottle drip 6-7 drops of tea tree oil. Next, add the olive oil, so that it fell "under the neck" vial and shake. Now you can be treated. Tea tree oil does not give any allergies, it can be taken in different ways: buried in the ear, nose, making inhalation, wash the wound.

Garlic - not in the mouth and in the nose!

Good help from the inhalation of a cold garlic. The procedure is not very pleasant, but effective. It is clear the two cloves of garlic such a size that they do not fall into the nose. Along each groove cut cloves and insert cloves into the nostrils. The grooves are needed in order to be able to inhale air through them with garlic pairs. However, much will sneeze, but it's not terrible. The most important thing - it's healing.

Potato inhalation and "wonder-drink┬╗

When the cold came just a good idea to make the inhalation of vapors of boiled potatoes. To do this, bend over the pot or bowl of hot potatoes, cover head with a towel and what you can breathe on healing hot steam.
Your room at this procedure should be warm. After potato inhalation do not forget to wipe the towel and have a "miracle drink": hot milk with 50 grams of butter, with raspberry jam or honey and 2-3 teaspoons of brandy.

Warms up!

At a cold, colds, sore throats great help to warm up. If you can lie on the protoplennoy Russian furnace - wonderful.
But if this is not possible, take a hot water bottle, fill it with boiling water and put on her heels for 30 minutes. Warmer must not burn your legs and burn.

The effect of "hot towels┬╗

This tool requires a hassle, but it gives excellent results. It can be used for colds, chronic bronchitis, and even in chronic inflammation of the lungs.
Roll up the towel should be immersed in hot water (55-60 degrees). Wearing thick rubber gloves, a hot towel to squeeze as much as possible. Then it should quickly roll out and wrap it the patient's chest. Over towels impose another, dry (or sheet), followed - a blanket. For better sweat poite patient tea with honey, raspberry, lime blossom.
After 40-50 minutes, when the patient propoteet, put him dry clothes, and let him lie down in bed for another two hours.

I hope that these old recipes will help you and your loved ones - because they are time-tested, effective and require little or no financial cost.


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