HERBS, increases lactation

To herbs that increase lactation are white sweet clover, yarrow, fennel seeds, anise, fennel, cumin. But do not take these herbs "for prevention."

If you have milk and the amount is not reduced, but just in case you want to insure, prepare the following collection:
 - Hips - 1 tbsp. Spoon
 - Apricots - 3 tbsp. spoon
 - Dried apples - 1 handful
 - Raisins - 3 tbsp. spoon
 - Nettles - 1 tbsp. Spoon
Pour the mixture into a three-liter flask and allow to stand. Drink like juice, if desired, you can add sugar.
If breast milk began to fall, to which the previous "compote" does not work, you can prepare the following collection:
 - Grass yarrow - 2 parts
 - Stinging nettle - 3 parts
 - Dill seed - 1 part
 - Rhizome mug - 1 part
 - The flowers of clover - 3 parts
Maximum chop and mix with each other in a specified proportion of the components of the collection, pour half - one-third of a teaspoon in a glass, add a teaspoon of chopped rose hips and pour 200 ml of hot water. Water should not be boiling - before you pour water collection, leave the kettle to stand for three minutes and cool slightly. Drink four times a day after meals for fifty grams.

If you want to make laktagonny collect the maximum force that can cause lactation, even if the milk is almost completely gone or does not appear, prepare the following collection:
 - White sweet clover - 2 parts
 - Stinging nettle - 3 parts
 - Seeds of anise - 3 parts
 - Grass yarrow - 2 parts
 - The flowers of clover - 3 parts
In order to enhance the properties of the collection laktogonnyh can slightly increase the proportion of clover. Adopted similar to the previous collection, but without the use of rose hips. Drink four times daily after meals and fifty grams.


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