Manifesto of healthy lifestyle

1. Drink more water.
2. Sleep as much as is required for recovery.
3. Meditate.
4. Exercise.
5. Choose those exercises that you enjoy.
6. Train your different body parts.
7. Eat more fruits.
8. Eat more vegetables.
9. Choose fruits and vegetables bright colors.
10. Eat less fast food.
11. Love yourself.
12. Walk or run barefoot.
13. Clean up your life from negative people.
14. Clean yourself from negativity.
15. Do not hold a negative thought.
16. Avoid foods that are addictive.
17. Breathe. Deeply.
18. Pay attention to the problem of emotional eating.
19. Eat small portions.
20. Stop eating when felt that already satisfied.
21. Replace white carbs to brown.
22. Define your goals in life.
23. Avoid fatty foods.
24. Reduce consumption of foods containing large amounts of sugar.
25. Try to eat organic food.
26. Watch your posture.
27. Cut back on sodas and caffeine.
28. Stop consume spirits.
29. Learn to cook.
30. Learn to say NO.
31. Bring a bottle of water when leaving the house.
32. Often dine at salad bars.
33. Reduce the intake of calories.
34. Quit smoking.
35. Avoid secondhand smoke.
36. Snack on healthy snacks.
37. Drink fruit and vegetable smoothies.
38. Drink juice, vegetable and fruit.
39. Try a vegetarian diet.
40. Try the vegan diet.
41. Try a raw food diet.
42. More often goes for a walk.
43. Take good care of your teeth.
44. Choose a lesson in the sport club.
45. More often communicate with people, leading an active lifestyle.


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