30 good things that you can just go and do


In every human heart there is a warmth that can be shared with others. Website 30 remembered the good things that anyone is easy to take and make. It does not cost you, but it can fill a day of light and joy.


Bring a cup of coffee or tea to his colleague.

Prepare a nice gift to my mother on her birthday. For her, it is also a special day.

Alone the customer in the store say that this or that thing he really is.

Publish a school photograph in social networks and check on it all the friends with whom you have not communicated.

Dismantle their closets, get things that you do not wear for a long time, and give them to those who may need them.

Help someone to climb stairs or go down with it (especially in snowy weather, when the steps are slippery).

Layknite someone's self, even if you do not like self.

Tell the administrator or the waiter, you know how hard he works and what it requires special skills. It is indeed the case, but few people think about it.

Leave in a pleasing cafe or restaurant good tip and a note thanking them for their excellent work.

Buy food from a street vendor and give the food to the homeless. You can also buy a bottle of water.

Talk to the homeless, hear his story.

If you have a friend who has recently gone through a breakup with a loved one, to cheer him up. You can also give a postcard describing the qualities and deeds of which he could be proud of.

Smile woman with a crying baby (typically in such situations, people are dissatisfied with a loud cry).

Ask an older person about how he lived when he was your age - do not be lazy and listen to his story.

Look at your parents' favorite movie, listen to their favorite songs, and say a few nice words about this.

In line at the store miss a person with a small amount of products (a bottle of water, for example).

Say hello to strangers in your house (elevator).

Go to school every day and thank your favorite teachers for the time they spent on you.

Write a man who once helped you, and ask, not whether he needs help.

Going to a meeting with old friends, buy them some trifle.

If the driver was in a difficult situation, help him change the tire, leave the parking space loaded, and so on. D.

Opening the door to the building, hold it for a neighbor who is behind you.

If you saw the street was garbage, pick it up and throw in the trash.

If someone unjustly offended, stood up for him. It may even be unfamiliar to you people.

Make a small gift (chocolate, for example), the postman, the cleaner, the conductor or another representative of the staff.

Being behind the wheel, to pedestrians and vehicles traveling.

If you read a magazine or newspaper, leave it on the train, bus or other public transport.

Borrow little thing someone who is in line at the store.

On vacation can offer tourists to photograph them.

Keep leftovers from the trash, do not throw them away.

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