Signs of increasing the frequency of vibration of energy

· Reduces the number of meals. The feeling of hunger is not there.
· Reduces the time needed to sleep.
· Dreams become conscious, alive and vibrant, then disappear altogether. They were replaced by an experience in a dream world.
· The body becomes light, it feels volatile energy.
· We start to feel badly people. One look at a person or even photos is enough to feel its essence.
· Weakens or completely eliminates the need for communication, loneliness becomes enjoyable.
· Comes a feeling of completeness and self-sufficiency.
· Fully leave fear and self-doubt.
· Meaning once read spiritual books becomes clear and self-explanatory.
· There is a feeling of absolute confidence in the correctness of the goal. There is no doubt where we are going and why.
· Strengthen our impact on the environment. What we say or think, coming true.
· Comes experience causeless joy of what is happening.
· Wakes sincere compassion and desire to help others and there possibilities for this.
· There are glimpses of true being. There comes a desire to move without stopping and reach the end.


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