How to feed a large number of guests

Often in our lives, there are cases of unexpected guests arrive. Sometimes there is about ten people, maybe more. Question menu selection then comes to the fore. It is necessary to give priority to easy and versatile dishes. It is important not to cause significant damage to the family budget. Of course, sometimes rescues and Field kitchens rental which today offers a variety of companies. However, this is not always possible. After mastering some tricks, and advice on food preparation you will not have to stand for hours at the stove.

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Cooking instructions:

  1. In order to feed a large number of people, it is necessary to give preference to a simple home-made meals. For example, it can be baked potatoes, salad, stewed cabbage and burgers. As a side dish you can use boiled rice, barley or buckwheat;

  2. In the process of the preparation of mayonnaise should be used in a minimal amount. For example, it can be put in the Olivier salad or greens. The chicken is baked without fat. Salads can also be refilled with oil and lemon juice;

  3. The greens will be appropriate in all the dishes.
    Cutlets best to bake, not fry. It's faster and more useful. To give juiciness can prepare the sauce from tomato paste, pepper, salt, nutmeg and other spices. Baked vegetables will also look great on the table. This can be a casserole with zucchini.

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    For those who do not want to download itself self-catering, suitable field kitchen KP-130 , which can be taken in rent a large number of people. If you still decided to make a meal with your hands, you should pay attention to and correct serving. Serve necessary as cold dishes and hot. The main decoration of the table can be pie, burgers or baked chicken. As a complement good use of small plates of tapas, olives, mushrooms and vegetables. Be sure to put flowers on the table, napkin and a decanter with a drink.


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