25 surprising things that are sold on Aliexpress

1. Cover for successful people. B>

2. Pillow in the form of shrimp. B>

3. A copy of the head of Jason Stethema a scale of 1: 6. B>

4. Hat for women who return home late. B>

5. What is the dress on the colors which argued the entire Internet.

6. Sun visor in the car. B>

7. Cool Designer 1322 parts, scale 1:10. B>

8. The letter from Hogwarts. B>

9. Set of 50 a variety of stickers to paste over everything that I want.

10. Very unusual hourglass. B>

11. Moonshine, tank 12 liters. B>

12. Glow in the dark gloves. B>

13. Viking hat with a beard. B>

14. Self-stick with a spoon. B>

15. Soap dispenser in the form of a giant nose. B>

16. Bluetooth float, which reports through the smartphone when the fish bite.

17. Headphones with butterfly wings. B>

18. Skalka strong independent woman. B>

19. For those who does not like to drink it without the permission of vino.

20. Especially for steep authors on the chips: the flash drive in the form of the accordion.

21. The indispensable thing in any kitchen: a gun that shoots popcorn.

22. A cup of bad players in the tanks. B>

23. Intelligent plasticine, which glows in the dark. B>

24. Odnokolёsny electric scooter. B>

25. Package plastic cockroaches for practical jokes. B>

: Fishki.net


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