Birthday Aliexpress in 2019: what is good to buy?

Forty four million one hundred eighty nine thousand four hundred sixty eight

Birthday in 2019 on Aliexpress will bring the biggest discounts and great offers for buyers. Most people are waiting for action on the goods they need. The upcoming season allows you to buy inexpensive quality products. Ahead of the renewal of spring, summer and autumn sales. With discounts on hot products you'll be able to indulge in new products at affordable prices.


What awaits the customers?
The sale, timed to the birthday of the famous online store Aliexpress, consists of a large number of promo codes, promotions and bonuses. Discounts on some products reaching up to 50%. With cashback service additionally, you can save up to 90% of the purchase price.

The exact beginning of the sale always remains a mystery. Birthday an online store Aliexpress – March 29. That is the date you will begin sales with the motto "We are 9 years"... Information on offers is regularly updated on the resource of the organizers.

In the spring, you always want something new. Online shop Aliexpress offers customers great discounts, namely:

  • smart gadgets for daily use – 70%;
  • interior – 50%;
  • top products 2018 (modules, inverters, racks, watches, etc.) – 50%;
  • fashion for the whole family – the best hits from Semir Group;
  • beauty products – 45%. You can order a wide assortment;
  • designer clothes with free shipping.

Birthday Aliexpress gives Grand sale thousands of products from trusted sellers. A large-scale event is accompanied by contests, giveaways and sweepstakes. Accent spring sale is on new stores. So, discounts in the "MEIZU" on some of the goods will reach 88%. The use of a gift certificate Ali will further save on the shopping.


How to get coupons?
There are several effective options which you can get coupons for "Aliexpress". The use of the promo code will allow you to obtain a financial benefit. For this the users catch the coupons in a special mobile apps. The game "Podarka" occurs on a regular schedule. This receive coupons active for a few days. Each round lasts 30 seconds to catch a couple of coupons for $ 5.

Special attention is given coins with which to purchase further coupons. Coins are earned in the Annex "Country of games" from "Aliexpress".

The use of special extensions from LetyShop affects the control of important things, namely:

  1. Urgent action. You will always know about recent sales in the stores.
  2. Balance. Any information on the flow of funds now at hand.
  3. Referral link.
  4. Analyst. After studying the prices, the user will be able to choose the optimal variant of purchase.


Advantages cashback service
Popular cashback service for the return part of the money from purchases is LetyShops. The strength of the service stands a large number of shops, which you can get cashback. While shopping, the user can count on promotional codes, discounts and promotions. After check profile for Laticeps is premium account for a week. In the result the rate of cashback will increase by 30%.

For the cash back service regularly best competitions, which are offered a higher cashback, gifts and cash prizes. Cashback service Laticeps also has a number of advantages:

  1. Cashback Aliexpress – up to 5%.
  2. A special fly-code, which increase the return of money 1.5 times in 2 days.
  3. A special plugin for the browser. The application allows precise control of the interest on the shares.
Cashback service Letyshops allows you to earn good money. Using referral links you can attract new users and get a stable income. A cash reward is 15% cashback from each other. Distribute referral links can be in correspondence with friends, groups and different communities.

Popular marketplace for goods from China has long worked with the service Letisha. On Aliexpress are buying millions of users. Therefore, even the minimum cashback from a store is best. There are many ways for additional savings. The choice of mechanism for obtaining the discount is an individual matter. Everyone is looking for the most convenient and affordable way. Technology cashback future. It is not only an effective marketing tool, but also a way to save money.



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