He held the key of the lighter, to make a thing of genius!

If you ever had to trudge to the other end of the city to make a duplicate key to the mailbox, lockers or garage, you probably know what a headache it can be.

In order for you to not have to spend their time and money on the production of duplicates, «website» produced a brilliant life hacking, which will help to make a spare key in just a matter of seconds.

How quickly make a duplicate klyuchaTebe need
the original key Scotch Lighter tin Scissors li >

Production of lighter Hold key until the black soot on it. After this cool key.

Glue a small strip of adhesive tape on the key and push the good it.

Take off the adhesive tape. On it must be imprinted silhouette key.

Stick adhesive tape on a flat fragment of tin and most carefully engrave a new key.

In this video, the whole process is shown graphically.

That's all! The main thing - be careful when you open the locks duplicate , because it is much thinner than the original and can bend. Our editorial staff hopes that this life hacking will help you avoid the hassle of duplication!

via takprosto.cc


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