16 stories of embarrassing situations that are familiar to everyone

None of us is immune from life's troubles. But we should not attach too much importance to what can be successfully turned into a hilarious bike for friends. The main thing - to learn to take it easy.

Website brought to you the history of the people of the awkward situation in which they fell - to remind you that failures happen absolutely everyone.

«At the end of his first day at a new job to the guy wrote a message:" I leave. I love you "and accidentally sent the boss». «In the shop, I apologized to the woman with whom I almost collided carts. It turned out it was my reflection in the mirror. I sink into the ground! » « a handsome young man, whom I had only seen once, he sat down beside me and said, "Hello." To which I replied: "I chew candy." In general, did not leave the conversation ». « Before the performance the director asked all to "turn off phones and vibrators" instead of "turn the vibration on your phone" ». « One night got water to drink. Man climbs over, tangled in a blanket, fell to the floor, twisted my ankle. Glass was too lazy to get, I think, so popyu - broke the lip of the valve. And then another, and from a guy with an elbow to the nose he had when was climbing back. Went in short, some water to drink ». « drove to a gas station and got to the column upside down. I go round it and was again on the wrong side. And I left with nothing ». « When I say that I sing bad, people do not believe: some believe that it is modesty, others - that I stuffed his worth. Only my little brother does not know how to cheat, he just lies down on the floor face down and cries ». « left the cafe and sat in the wrong car. The driver waited until I finish talking on the phone to tell me that ». « At the end of the interview stood up, shook hands all around and ... tried to get out through the cabinet ». « Fall asleep with her husband, he suddenly turns around and whispers: "Dolly ..." And he was usually pretty stingy with compliments. I smile, I open my eyes, and then he adds, "wrapped in a blanket, like a caterpillar" ». « In the journey to see the ponies, but forgetting it is the word "pony" eventually proclaimed: "Kittens horses "and pointed. In general, my wife realized ». « One day at a party tried to warn the girl that she is trying to glue untidy old man. It turned out it was her boyfriend ». « My landlord - the Spaniard. Once I accidentally sent a message to my housemate, "Jesus is coming tomorrow at 10am. Wake up and get dressed "». «to stand in line. I take a step back and stepped on someone's foot. I wanted to turn around and apologize, holding up his hands, and accidentally grabbed the girl's breast ». « All my life I thought, how could the world see our color-blind? Today, in the military was told I color blind ». « Sitting on the teachers' council. She went all director, and at the end of his speech he gives: "I always say I wish good luck to lazy and relaxed out to people and educated and determined wish you success! So I wish you good luck, dear teacher! "»

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