Beauty contest "Miss Euro 2008."

May 31 in the German town of Rust competition «Miss Euro 2008". The competition was attended by women from all 16 countries - participants of the European Football Championship and the winner determined by a jury of 10 people. Miss Euro 2008 was the 22-year-old Dominic Guzvarova from the Czech Republic.

And why is our country received, choose a girl is not the most beautiful appearance. Maybe there was some competition, which won the money for pre-listening. Or in the same place in the city found the Russian-speaking girl and forced difilirovat?

Alexander Weber (Germany) and Catherine Kurochkin (Russia).

Doris Shmids (Romania) and Heylman Filiz (Turkey).

Lydia Herczeg (Croatia) and Sandra Oltra (Spain).

Saralisa Infante (Italy) and Agatha Martsinyak (Poland).


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