In Germany, the beauty contest "Miss Euro 2008."

May 31 in the German town of Rust in anticipation of the European Football Championship held a beauty contest "Miss Euro 2008", which was attended by 16 women from countries participating in the Euro 2008.

Girls took to the podium three times - in an evening gown, in a bikini, and, above all, in the form of a football team of his country.

The winner of the contest Miss Euro 2008 was the 22-year-old Dominic Guzvarova (Dominica Huzvarova) from the Czech Republic. The second was named the representative of Turkey Heylmann Filiz (Filiz Heilmann), and the third place was taken by a Greek Mariola Shabanay (Mariola Shabanaj).

22-year-old resident of the Czech Republic Dominica Guzvarova, first place in the contest "Miss Euro 2008».


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