The true history of mankind. Forbidden History.

This documentary will dispel all the myths about the origin of man. Will reveal the secrets of all the theories about the origin of man, will consider all hypotheses.
You know, what was the true history of mankind, and why the official science rejects what is called the forbidden history?

Mysteries of the universe, the mysteries of the world, unexplained phenomena and strange facts always attracted people's attention. The truth about UFOs, facts and video footage, eyewitness accounts, as well as documentary videos, which show UFOs.
Job security services: the Federal Security Service, the CIA, MI6 - have set themselves the goal of these structures, what they want to achieve and who actually serve.
Secrets of the cosmos: the secrets of the Earth, Moon, Mars and other planets. Interesting scientific films devoted to the study of space, planets, stars, galaxies, and the most unusual objects in the Universe - quasars, pulsars, comets, black holes are represented on our channel.
You will see the most significant scientific research, scientific discoveries and advances in science and technology, all the new technologies that give us new possibilities of modern electronics and appliances.
Our society, the state and politics are also full of mysteries and secrets that can be a real discovery for the layman. We consider many policy issues, social order, secret societies, US policy, and the policy of Russia, the situation in Ukraine, which many call the war in Ukraine.


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