10 documentaries that changing view of the world

Documentary brings fabulous money to its creators, it is not surprising expensive special effects, does not possess the delightful acting. Documentary film takes its realism, topicality and truthfulness.

Website picked 10 films that can change your world.

Exit Through the Gift Shop h3> Exit Through the Gift Shop

You have not seen the documentary? You have not speculated on the theme of creativity? You do not understand modern art? And you wonder who in general can engage in creative work? Banksy answer your questions.

House. Travel stories h3> Home

The film shows us the beauty of the planet and the devastation caused by human activities. Unhealed scars inflicted by world industrial production, the effects of wars, ecological disasters - these facts reveal the viewer's eyes to the real situation on the planet. The film is banned in 36 countries.

fed up h3> Fed Up

Food today are not what they were before. The viewer will have to know the unpleasant truth about why today's children are obese, where does poor health and why the older generation over a long life. This will change the way you think about food forever.

The spirit of the time h3> Zeitgeist

This is not just another documentary, with a curious content. It is a revolutionary painting, which, if not completely change the view of the modern world, or at least makes you wonder. The film raises the issue of mass control over people - by religion, politics, the media and finance. It's true, is not convenient to anyone.

Are we alone in the universe?
Unexplained materials NASA h3> Are We Alone: ​​NASA's Unexplained Files

Unique shooting documentary footage and interviews with the flight, taken from the archives of the National Office of Aeronautics and Space, to answer the main question for all humanity: are we alone in the universe?

My blockade h3>

The residents of besieged Leningrad, their immortal feat dedicated. Heartbreaking picture. The plot put personal memories of those whose childhood coincided with the years of blockade. This film is a must for viewing every citizen of our country.

Journey to the Edge of the Universe h3> Journey to the Edge of the Universe

This journey will take us back to the origins of life, the pillars of the universe, giving the opportunity to look beyond the clouds of cosmic dust where stars are born great, giving its light the universe, and perhaps life ...

Long live the antipodes! h3> ¡Vivan las Antipodas!

Once the film director Victor Kosakovskyi was in Argentina and looking for a fisherman standing in the middle of the bridge across the river, I thought: if you mentally extend the line across the Earth, where it will be released? It turned out - in the center of Shanghai. Thus arose the idea of ​​a film about the people from each other "over the head". Author conceptual angle view reveals the deep connection between people and landscape, located as far away from each other.

The Basics CM101MMXI h3> CM101MMXI Fundamentals

This stand-Turkish actor Cem Yılmaz. In his show humorist he collected numerous amusing details of daily life that make people laugh. Yilmaz says about relationships, people, modern technology, shows us that even such things as food delivery or a funeral, it can be fun, if you look at them at the correct angle. Portion positive you provided!

The human experiment h3> The Human Experiment

Hundreds of people, dozens of scientists and one goal. Emotion, and the perception of the word. How can affect one heard the words the subconscious? What role is played in the life of thought? Does the energy of a word? The experiment will help us more fully understand our essence.

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