How to restore the vision in one fortnight Professor Zhdanov.

If you have vision problems, it does not mean that you have to live with it and wear glasses. Yes, the glasses help you today, but in the end the vision will only worsen. The fact that the vision depends on operation of the eye-dvigatelnyh muscles (longitudinal, transverse). Once you wear glasses, your eye muscles to stop working. The main cause of myopia, hyperopia, strabismus and astigmatism - a violation of the work of the eye muscles (there are six). It follows that virtually anyone can completely restore vision through exercises for the eyes. The exercises are simple, but quite effective. What now offers modern ophthalmology? It is essentially powerless, and offers only glasses (or worse, surgery on the eye). The fact that this science is based on the postulates of two centuries ago. Yet even 100 years ago, American scientist Bates reviewed the theory of operation of the eye. His research showed that all eye problems are somehow related to the state of the eye muscles. If you see good, then you have the eye muscles are trained and available. If you wear glasses - it means some muscles are compressed, the other stretched or relaxed, atrophied. Today, Russian Professor Zhdanov fully studied the theory of the American scientist and confirmed it in practice. Indeed, the improvement in vision may start after the first exercise. Most importantly - should immediately renounce points as possible! You may ask why, so far, this method of treatment is not covered? The answer lies in the huge billion annual profit from sales of optical lenses ..


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