Excellent shine: Effectively cleans stainless steel sink.

Every good housewife dreams that her kitchen was perfect and glistened with cleanliness. So often when cleaning a variety of surfaces using the expensive and aggressive agents. In some cases, they do an excellent job with their work, although they have a number of disadvantages. For example, sinks using them is not always possible to bring the sparkle of a diamond.

Therefore, we have prepared for you an incredibly simple, kopek and safe way by which you can effectively clean stainless steel to shine. This method is able to improve the lives of all who strive for impeccable cleanliness in the kitchen.

As polished stainless steel to bleskaTebe need
ash 1/4 Art. flour tea towel a paper towel or soft cloth

We perform the procedure thoroughly wash the sink using baking soda and water. Also, stainless steel sink is easy to clean using a water-vinegar solution.

Be sure to dry the sink! Wipe it dry with a clean kitchen towel. In no case do not skip this step.

Sprinkle with flour shell. It sounds strange, but it works!

Take a paper towel or soft cloth and polish. The procedure is done in a circular motion. You will see how stubborn food residues will be dissolved and sink gleams.

Repeat the procedure. Then daring excess flour with a brush or rag. Done!

We perform this trick once a month to your sink gleaming like new.

Here in this manner can be polished stainless steel sink. If you liked the idea, be sure to share it with friends!

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