20 facts from the series "Now live with it"

That's the way you live, you live, and suddenly - like an ax head - you're half a banana. So what to do now? < Website publish for you a few facts that will have to take for what they are.

Human DNA by 50% banana DNA repeats.

SOS signal not deciphered. It's just a senseless combination, easy to remember.

Benjamin Franklin was never a US president.

Wingspan "747" is longer than the Wright brothers' first flight.

octopus and goats have rectangular pupils.

We do not have the stomach moth.

Reproduction in space is impossible.

The extremely high pressure can make diamonds out of peanut butter.

Females give birth to female plant aphid aphid plant already pregnant females plant aphids.

Lightning hit 4 times more men than women.

Jupiter, in spite of its weight, is the fastest planet of the Solar System.

De jure star sun belongs Spaniard named Angeles Dyurasn.

Most people born on Tuesday, less - on Saturday and Sunday.

In Japan, there are ATMs that before issuing customer bills heated them to 200 degrees Celsius, thereby disinfecting.

Giraffes fighting heads.

sign «HOLLYWOOD» - this is advertising real estate.

Neanderthal brain was bigger than ours with you.

Apples, potatoes and onions have the same taste, if you eat them with a closed nose.

To sneeze with your eyes open is impossible.

SELF (Eng. Selfie) in Polish - samojebka.

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