17 facts about the product, a fat burner. Be sure to include them in your daily diet!

Editorial guided by one simple principle: Knowledge - force! It is the ability to accumulate and transmit knowledge makes a man a king of nature. And it is using the knowledge we are able to deal effectively with any problemy.Voprosy power - is no exception! This is where so many myths and domroschennyh experts, that should be an objective criterion for the selection of products for everyday diet. We found out important facts about how to "work" some of the products and why they are able to help us lose weight.

1. Dairy products h2> Dairy products (other than milk) increase in the body of the hormone calcitriol, which forces the cells to burn fat. Low-fat dairy products, yogurts, yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt - according to experts, will help to lose weight and reduce the amount of re-digestible fats.

2. Ginger h2> Ginger belongs to the so-called "hot" products. Due to the high content of essential oils of ginger increases metabolism, which contributes to the rapid combustion of fat cells.

3. Cabbage h2> Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli - is a constant helpers in the fight against excess weight. Cabbage works like a brush in the body, cleansing it of toxins. Broccoli and cauliflower - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

4. Cucumber h2> Cucumber - an effective tool for weight loss, however, like most other products of plant origin, they have a seasonal character and bring the maximum benefit period is in its natural maturation.

5. Cinnamon h2> This spice is used in the fight against excess weight recently, but has already managed to prove itself as the perfect fat burning agent. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels, thus slowing the accumulation of fat.

6. Grapefruit h2> Grapefruit Diet - is not a myth. Researchers at Scripps Clinic found that those who ate polgreypfruta for 12 weeks lost an average of 1, 5 kg. Because of its chemical properties of this citrus, packed with vitamin C, reduces the level of insulin, which promotes weight loss.

7. Green tea h2> The most powerful killer of fats - green tea. Studies show that green tea extract increases metabolism and can help in reducing weight. This tea improves mood and may have anti-cancer properties and helps prevent heart disease.

8. Water h2> A new study suggests that water accelerates weight loss. German scientists have found that drinking 500 ml of water a day, participants in the study increased the rate of calorie burning by 30%. Water is also a natural appetite suppressant, washing away the salt and toxins from the body.

9. Raspberry h2> Raspberry Fruit contains enzymes that contribute to the breakdown of fat. Half a cup of raspberries eaten half an hour before a meal, the stomach will help to cope with the abundant feast. This berry speeds up metabolism.

10. Mustard h2> Mustard stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

11. Oranges h2> Who says fat burning foods - is necessarily something dull and tasteless diet? One orange "weighs" just 70-90 calories. And most importantly, after this fruit satiety is maintained for about 4 hours.

12. Almonds h2> Only 40% of the fat in almonds, digested. The remaining 60% come from the body, not having to go through the digestion and absorption. That is, almonds fills and does not leave behind unwanted calories.

13. Horseradish h2> The enzymes are contained in the root of horseradish, promote fat burning. Horseradish flavored fish and meat dishes.

14. Beans h2> Legumes - a source of vegetable protein, so necessary for our body. The protein itself metabolichen, which gives him the ability to easily burn fat cells. In other words, for the assimilation of protein foods body expends a lot of energy, which is taken from their own fat reserves.

15. Red wine h2> Red wine contains resveratrol, the active ingredient that stimulates the production of a protein that blocks the receptors in fat cells. Resveratrol promotes the breakdown of fat and slow down the formation of new fat deposits.

16. Apples and Pears h2> Overweight women who ate the day three small apples or pears, lost more weight on a low calorie diet, compared with those who did not add fruit to their diet. That is the conclusion reached by researchers from the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

17. Oatmeal h2> Great source of soluble fiber (7 grams per serving 2 cups). It gives a feeling of satiety and the energy needed for exercise.

Products, fat burners - our faithful helpers in the fight against excess weight, but do not forget that no food not get rid of fat deposits without a balanced diet and adequate physical activity.

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