At his disposal was just 8kV meters, but what he did ...

This is clear proof: the guy was able to transform the tiny room beyond recognition. With its smart, he combined office and bedroom into a small room.

To do this, it does not need to be a builder, it will not take a lot of time and money. The main thing - the burning desire to make your home comfortable! An extra bed can be used for guests: no empty spare rooms. Dream idea, to be sure ...

Who would have thought that such a huge bed can easily be placed in such a small room ...

Beginning of work. Guy planned to build an additional floor for the bed - now it will be directly under the workplace. That's savvy!

Small brackets attached to the wall - the starting point of the whole structure.

Support beams for cunning design.

It is important that everything was solid. The guy admitted that he spent a lot of time checking fixtures.

The frame is almost ready!

This wooden base will serve as a support for the bed, sliding on wheels.

External paneling frame.

The steps will lead to the workplace.

One of the most difficult stages of the work - to make a warm and safe sex.

Laminate guy too Stela itself! A truly golden hands.

Wood panels are not necessarily paint, you can simply varnished. But they do not look less elegant!

Now, the room did not know. This idea made me think seriously about a mini-renovation ...

Adorable! The result was a two-story room with optimally organized space.

The bed is very comfortable put forward on wheels. So compactly arranged bed I've never met ...

An excellent example of affordable, yet very elegant design! Now, in an apartment two times more functionally used space. Take note that a brilliant idea and tell your friends about it.

Small rooms can be converted into two accounts is a miracle of engineering thought. In this house want to come back ...


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