It struck at the tap a little olive oil. What happened made her friends to do the same!

We all have heard about the great culinary properties of olive oil. Many cooks say that it is best to cook on it. But few know about other ways to use it. We have prepared for you a few ideas for the use of olive oil outside the kitchen. Take on arms!

How to use olive oil in unusual to Take away chewing gum
If you entered the gum, or, even worse, it is glued to the floor, do not worry. Pour a little olive oil on a cloth and wipe the dirt. Then, the gum can be easily removed. 2e0e3a085a.jpg

Care sill
For the sills of granite it is necessary from time to time to look after. An ideal tool for this is the olive oil. Simply pour a small amount of oil on the windowsill, and distributed over the surface. Then the rain will polish it as necessary. 748c288b97.jpg

polish crane
A little bit of olive oil helps to give a mixer tap and a beautiful shine that will last a long time. This trick also protects the surface from the accumulation of lime scale. The result is simply stunning! 1a949d15e3.jpg

Massage Oil
For a good effect not need to use expensive special oil massage. Used instead of olive. Optionally, you can add to it a couple of drops of essential. This means massage can help relieve tension in the shortest possible time. 481b0f4295.jpg

Give a second life to wooden furniture
Mix olive oil with lemon juice or vinegar (2: 1). Apply a small amount of the mixture onto the fabric. Wipe wooden furniture. This method will help hide small scratches. 1671290690.jpg

Get rid of aphids
Add in a bottle with a spray water a little olive oil and a drop of dishwashing liquid. The mixture is sprayed on plants at their summer cottage, and you get rid of annoying aphids for a long time. 0544fdda96.jpg

Makeup Remover
Makeup remover often contain harmful toxic components. Apply a drop of olive oil on a cotton pad and wipe the face. Any make-up is removed instantly and moistened facial skin. 552b06aa08.jpg

Restore leather product
Sodium olive oil worn leather product and leave for a while. Then wipe with a cloth. One can use this tool also as shoe polish. Apply it on the shoes with a thin layer and wipe with a cloth or paper towel. The effect is stunning! 979d6912a7.jpg

moisten the hair and makes them shine
Olive oil - is one of the effective means, which is used for food and hair restoration. Take a few drops of olive oil on hand, grind, massage your scalp. Comb your hair. About an hour later wash off with shampoo. For olive oil, you can add an egg yolk. c3a21547b4.jpg

Prepare homemade scrub
To prepare scrub mix sugar with olive oil and a drop of essential. Apply the mixture and massage your hands. The skin becomes soft and velvety! 91c8de1fba.jpg

Fix zipper
If lightning seizes, it can be easily corrected. Wipe her teeth with a cotton swab dipped in olive oil. Then slowly pull for the slider. Done! f2728830d5.jpg

We hope that after reading this information, you will use the "liquid gold" is not just for salads. These useful Tip of the unusual use of olive oil can help you cope with the many small everyday problems.

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